Available Soon! - 'From the Donkey's Mouth' by Adelia Cook

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Soon to be distributed is my published historical fiction book with factual elements titled ‘From the Donkey’s Mouth’, written in the first person by Doukis the Greek donkey. It pertains to the plight of the donkey through the ages and Doukis’s personal struggle and adversities.


Doukis the Greek donkey is finally given a voice in “From the Donkey’s Mouth”. He describes his life story and the trials and tribulations of his equid relatives and friends abroad. His rendition is tragic and uplifting, humorous and tear-jerking. Doukis demonstrates the forgiving nature of these sensitive animals, even after being subjected to untold abuse by their human counterparts. A must read for animal lovers - please help Doukis by spreading ‘his word’.


I am passionate about writing and sincerely hope that you enjoy reading my book as much as I have enjoyed writing it. Available soon through bookshops on Corfu.   


Text and illustrations by Adelia Cook  for MyKerkyra.com



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