Questions and Answers : ”Museum of Asian Art"-"Patron Saint of the Island Saint Spiridon"

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Terry Thomas from London
Q: Congratulations for your magazine. I am interested in Asian Art and I heard that the only museum of this kind in Greece is located in Corfu and is known as the ”Museum of Asian Art". Could you please give me some information? Thank you.
A: It is true that the only museum of Asian Art in Greece is located in Corfu housed in the Palacc Of St. Michael and St. George. It contains a grand collection of exhibits that come from China, Japan, Korea, Nepal, Tibet, Pakistan, India and Thailand. The museum is open every day except Mondays 08.- 00 I9. 30.
Tel: 266 7 0-30443, Fax. 266 10- 81932
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Sandra Howe from Corfu
Q: I have been living In Corfu for five years with my family. I have heard many things about patron Saint of the Island Saint Spiridon and about his miracles that are celebrated in the island with grandioslty.
Could you please tell me when the celebrations take place?
A: Saint Spiridon is the patron Saint of the island and all Corfiots have a bond with him.The procession of the Holy Relics of Saint Spiridon takes place four times a year as a commemoration of the following miracles:
In 1953 the Saint saved the island from famine. For this reason we celebrate every Holy Saturday. In 1630 he saved the island from plague and due to this we celebrate every Palm Sunday. In 1673 he saved once more the island from plague so every first Sunday of November another procession takes place. Finally, in 1716 the Saint saved the island from the Turks after a month-long siege, so on August 11 the fourth procession takes place.


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