Interview to Christine Seitz the creator of the Puzzle Game "Achilles Superhero" for the Achilleion Palace!

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Thousands of tourists visit our museums every year, but there are some of them who happen to have some additional ideas and they are ready to use it! 

No! Things are not as easy and simple as it might seem.
But to a creative mind, nothing is impossible!

This is the case of Christine Seitz!
She, as a person with interest for the culture and history, found herself being a visitor of our Achilleion museum many times.

Then, one day she had the idea of adding a new, fun experience for children, fully inspired by the Greek Mythology, Achilleion Palace and our island.

Enjoy the interview and presentation of her creation!

And let us know your thoughts on the comment section below!


A new fun game book for children, or a new opportunity for our next generations

to learn more about things that truly matter

using their imagination and creativity

while on vacations?!

The little book - game as we like to call it is a wonderful journey in history and mythology, the characters and the details have been made with love and care by Christine.


Read also the main idea of the creation as we first anounced it

A new Puzzle Game "ACHILLES SUPERHERO" has been created for The Achilleon Palace! by Christine Seitz <

It is available in Greek, English and German.

Video : Katsaros Thomas
Video edit: Ada Kyriazi

Marilia Makri for


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