A sea turtle Caretta caretta leaves her eggs on Agios Stefanos Beach a wonderful experience for the people that were there early in the morning!

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With love and excitement some visitors of our island embraced the sight of a turtle caretta caretta that was spotted leaving her eggs in Agios Stefanos beach at the northwest of Corfu.


Today, the police went at the spot and covered it to protect the eggs.



Nature gives us the most beautiful experiences and Mr. Francesco Potere first recorded it with the wish to be properly protected and shared it on a page made by visitors that come here every year and love the island, named Relaxing Point Agios Stefanos NW Corfu




with magical pictures of the turtle crossing the coast to return to the water on a video made by Mr. Robert Eburne





Visitors of our island love nature and want to protect it 

we as locals should have the knowledge and apreciation for the nature's treasures,

we should protect and respect it!




Marilia Makri for mykerkyra.com




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