About 'From the Donkey's Mouth' by Adelia Cook

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Published by Corfu Press and available through Corfu bookshops is my historical fiction story with factual elements told by Doukis, the little Greek donkey. The research that went into it actually took far longer than the writing of Doukis's woeful, informative and yet uplifting tale as data was careful cross referenced.


My motivation for writing this manuscript was my hope of creating an awareness of the plight of, not only this little Hellenic equid but of, donkeys worldwide. I have self illustrated my work to give more visual impact of the hardships endured by these sensitive, caring, highly intelligent animals. In Doukis's own words he laments that 'God did not shine on him, he was not born to be a super stud or a racing stallion. He was born Equus Africanus Asinus, doomed to be a beast of burden'.




I was born in Johannesburg, South Africa where I obtained a Diploma in Education, specializing in Art and majoring in English. I married in 1989, moved to Auckland in 1996, then to Australia in 1999, where I pursued my love of writing and drawing. I now permanently reside on Corfu where I enjoy the lifestyle, people, climate and cuisine. Gerald Durrell described Corfu as being “Paradise" and I don't believe he was far wrong!


I am currently working on my tenth book and also writing for MyKerkyra.com. I thank all my readers who have read my articles and truly hope that they enjoy reading 'From the Donkey's Mouth'. What a lot of people are not aware of is that the donkey has become an endangered species.


My sincere appreciation and gratitude for the work of Judy Quinn, founder of ‘Corfu Donkey Rescue’ (CDR) and that of the dedicated volunteers who care for the animals. Without them many abandoned, injured and abused donkeys would have perished. Instead they have been given a second chance – a new home; shelter, love, security and hope.




When on Corfu take the time to visit these delightful, endearing animals at their new home at Corfu Donkey Rescue in Doukades. Look out for the very cute donkey caricature signs off the Paleokastritsa Road. The donkeys really welcome visitors with great warmth and unconditional love.



Text, photography and illustrations by Adelia Cook for MyKerkyra.com


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