A walk at the historic village of Argyrades!

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Another exceptional village of Corfu is Argyrades.

It is located about 30 km from city ​​center and it is perhaps one of the most well-preserved villages on the island where you can wander and get lost in its narrow streets (kantounia as the locals name it).


Ideal for all of you craving for an adventure! 


Driving by car on the main road that crosses Argyrades, we go uphill and get lost in the alleys. Colorful houses with small courtyards that are still inhabited, and older buildings, obviously abandoned and left in time, an aura of another era that proves that  the village is keeping its treasures hidden. 



From an architectural and historical point of view the village is of particular interest, fand for this reason they it has been characterized as a traditional settlement since 1977.

It is one of the most historic villages of the island whose roots are leading us back in 1549.


The village was named Argyrades, by a Byzantine family that was called "Argyron" or "Argyropoulon" who owned a lot of properties in the NW. Greece in the late Byzantine period (1204 - 1453) , according to most scholars.


The architecture 

There are houses that look like small castles that are very well preserved, because back then there where built to endure the raids of the Agarin pirates.

Key elements of the architectural structure are: The curved roads and common narrow streets of Corfu island additionally with the houses that are very close to each other with obvious signs of an intercom.

The old village has three main settlements: Panochori in the NW part of the village, Mesochori in the center and Katochori (or Chorio) in the SE part.

With a population of 660 inhabitants (2011 census), it exceeds the 1,100 inhabitants, if we would include Agios Georgios (503) which is an integral part of Argyrades, it is certaintly one of the villages you should visit!


More sightseeing?

A beautiful path will lead you to the church of Agios Ioannis of Prodromos, where you can enjoy the amazing view of the whole village and the Ionian.


 Argyrades village, just like other villages of South Corfu, was severely tested by the raids of pirates and Turks, especially by the invasion of Hairedin Varvarosa in 1.537 which had as a result the enslavement of 10 - 20 thousand inhabitants of the island.

In recent years , on September 24, 1943 in Ai-Giorgis and in the place Archonera (Richoneria), with a bridgehead on the islets of La (c) oudia, a campaign corps of 300-400 Germans landed, which in forty-eight hours occupied Corfu which was under Italian occupation, while the Germans bombers demolishing the settlement Neochoraki.


In the village there is a Cultural Association which has undertaken the rescue of the cultural heritage, giving life to many traditions that prevail in the wider area of ​​the Municipality of Korissia, such as the Carnival with the traditional custom of the Vlachs who are the lords of Carnival. The Vlachs are always two, one is the driver and the other is the main character of the carnival procession.

The artistic department of the Cultural Association of Argyrades has an important presence in the Corfiot cultural events under the guidance of George Kavvadias and Sotiris Giannoulis with the rise of almost foreign plays and annual theatrical performances.

In 1994 he took part in the Amateur Theater Festival of Karditsa and won several awards with the performance of Federico Garcρθa Lorca's play "The Wonderful Balloon".

You can find more info at: http://psargiradon1981.blogspot.com/


Agios Georgios started as a holiday settlement in the late 1960s, built by Argyradites for tourist exploitation of the area and after its legalization in 1992 and the delimitation of the settlement, it has absorbed most of the population of Argyrades.
For more information, visit the official website of the settlement http://www.argyrades.gr/

Sources : www.argyrades.gr / argyrades.blogspot.gr


Text/Photos : Eva Voutsina - Evita Travels the world

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Edit/Translation: Marilia Makri 





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