Available Now! - 'The Dog Lover's Survival Guide' by Adelia Cook

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'The Dog Lover's Survival Guide' by Adelia Cook is available through bookshops on Corfu and also online. Anyone abroad interested in purchasing a copy can send an email to info@mykerkyra.com with their postal address. The cost per copy is Euro 13.50. Postage costs TBA prior to confirmation of order. Books will be sent out through e-bagging thereafter.


'The Dog Lover’s Survival Guide' will give you some hilarious pointers on how to cohabit with your ‘best furry friend’; your precious 'fur baby'.


This self illustrated gift book, which is suitable for most ages, would make an ideal gift for any dog owner or dog lover who has experienced the love and loyalty a canine has to offer.


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Adelia Cook for MyKerkyra.com


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