Carnival on Corfu - Magical Mardi Gras'

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In Greece, carnivals are a major art form. The famous Carnival of Corfu has its roots in the Middle Ages, when the Venetian conquerors of the island brought this custom back from their homeland. Today, the popular Carnival of Corfu resembles the Carnival of Venice and usually takes place at the end of February or early March. Traditionally it begins 10 weeks before Greek Orthodox Easter.


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‘Apokries’, as it is called, is mainly a period of masquerading. The most famous happening of the Carnival is the Great Parade that takes place at Liston and Spianada square. Giant floats and colourful people dressed in strange customs spread a spirit of festivity to the entire island. The parade is accompanied with eating, drinking, local music and dancing. It culminates with the burning of the King Carnival in a bonfire amidst great partying.



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Why not become a member of these groups, disguise yourself, paint your face, dance and sing; in ballrooms, night clubs, tavernas or in the streets. Even if you only want to watch the parades, hold your cameras and cell phones high to record the wonderful sight stretching out before you. 



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Just for a few days, you can become whoever, or whatever, you’ve ever dreamed of being; a prince or princess, a mythological hero, a fisherman, a clown, a scarecrow,a bird, a butterfly or a fairy. Whatever your disguise, you can really be a flamboyant carnival goer on Corfu.


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Another carnival custom in the countryside of Corfu is the Wedding. All men gather in one house to dress up the groom, while the women gather in another to dress up the bride. In the event, the bride is also a man, usually one with a huge mustache. A demon, played by another villager, tries his best to break up the wedding, while the gathered villagers hurl obscenities at each other throughout the ceremony, constantly teasing each other. These are just a part of the excitement and fun that is generally associated with the Corfiot Carnival. Source: and



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