A visit to Casa Parlante !

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One of the newest acquisitions of the island, in terms of the "museums" part, is located in the heart of the Old Town and is none other than Casa Parlante.


A space specially designed as a faithful representation of the traditional mansions of Corfu of the 19th century that aims to take us back in time, opened its doors only in 2014. 


"The term museum may not be the most appropriate to describe this place, as it is not just a place of exhibits related to this historical period of the island, it is a place where the visitor actually enters the house of Conte and explores each room as his guest."



The time period of "Casa Parlante"

The time period in which Casa Parlante is located is probably the most important of the island in terms of economy, trade and of course for the arts, as in the 19th century, Corfu as the capital of the "The United States of the Ionian Islands" flourished while a large number of important personalities were gathered on the island.

Italian, English and French influences can be noticed in many aspects of life in Corfu at the time, whether they were architectural, artistic or even in the simple details of everyday life.



The museum

The museum represents a 19th-century mansion that belongs to a Conte, a merchant of the time, that was a part of the aristocratic class and used his rich home for public relations, trade agreements and a reception for prominent people of the time.

His family and service staff lived in the house, people we get to know little by little while exploring the museum, from one room to another.


Exploring "Casa Parlante"

Our visit begins at the reception area, where our guide offers rose liqueur, as the etiquette of the time.


Moving on to the rest of the rooms, we have the opportunity to admire authentic pieces of the era.

Remember that all furniture, small items and fabrics - with few exceptions - are antiques and have been completely restored to the needs of the museum.


Don't be surprised if you see the countess drinking her tea and her children playing music, with the help of technology the human figures you will see in the space have gained momentum and the whole scene becomes more alive than ever!



You will find Casa Parlante at 16 Nikiforou Theotoki Street, very close to Liston Square.

Entrance fee (included in the space tour)

Adults - 7 euros

Children (up to 17 years old) - 5 euros

For more information visit the official website of the museum: http://casaparlante.gr/


Text/Photos : Eva Voutsina - Evita Travels the world

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Edit/Translation: Marilia Makri 







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