The Magic of Corfu at Christmas

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What a magical and romantic experience! The town is decorated with millions of lights and the festive spirit is high. The store windows are adorned with ornaments and decorations and are charming works of art.



                                            Photo courtesy of Bob Giles


Christmas is second only to Easter in religious importance and the locals certainly know how to celebrate it in a unique way. Christmas is celebrated on December the 25th. 


                                           Photo Courtesy of Bob Giles


Although the weather is crisp and a stark contrast to summer there is still a lot to do in Corfu town even on the less busy winter days. Eat at one of the many enticing tavernas; savour the local speciality of Pastitsada which is meat in a red sauce with long penne or the winter soul foods like Sofrito or Stoufado, have a coffee in a cozy café of the Old town or at the Liston; ‘the place to be seen’. Try a Tsipouro or Ouzo at one of the vibrant bars, or simply wander along the cobble stone streets and discover the Christmas magic on Corfu!


                                            Photo courtesy of Bob Giles


Unlike some Greek islands, Corfu does not shut over winter. Carolers are abundant, the young children going around the Old Town singing hymns to the accompaniment of small triangles; their sweet harmonising touching and uplifting. 


                                  Photo - Adelia Cook


As a winter holiday destination Corfu is sure to please. Just a hop, skip and jump across to the mainland and one can enjoy the winter ski slopes of Pertouli or experience the sanctified area of Meteora with its monasteries perched on the amazing rock formations. 


                                                          Photo courtesy of Bob Giles


Walk hand in hand and window shop, shop till you drop, experience the holiness of the Festive season by attending Midnight Mass at one of the beautifully gilded churches of Corfu, go to the opera or the movies or just snuggle up in front of a roaring fire with melomakarona (Greek traditional sweet prepared for Christmas) and enjoy the peace and tranquility that Corfu also has to offer.



                                                            Photo courtesy of Bob Giles


* Footnote: - The Central Corfu & Diapontia Islands Municipality will be organizing Christmas events from 21st  December to 6th January. The special events will take place in the 'San Giacomo΄ Old Town Hall Square which will be transformed into a Christmas fairy tale! There will be children's activities in stalls, children's theatrical performances, concerts and much more. Santa will be arriving from Lapland to delight the children and will be bringing his chocolate fountain and his elves and fairies who will be making candies for the kids and mulled wine for the adults. (Source - Enimerosi Corfu News)


For Epiphany on the 6th January head into Corfu Town where the local priest or Papa will throw a crucifix that is attached to a chain into the sea. On the 3rd throw the local boys dive into the harbour to retrieve it. An extra blessing is bestowed on the boy who does so first and brings him good fortune for the year. The sanctifying of the waters drives away evil spirits that lurk in them. Epiphany commemorates the presentation of the infant Jesus to the three wise men of Magi. It is also referred to as "Three Kings Day' in some countries. 


Photography courtesy of Bob Giles

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