Piraeus - ' Sumptuous Seafood at Athens' Cruise Port'

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Piraeus, the cruise port of Athens, is located 10 kilometres from the capital. It is the largest port in the Mediterranean with approximately 20 million passengers passing through annually.


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Many are not aware of the wonderful gastronomic experience that they are missing out on or that Piraeus has some idyllic spots in and around it well worth exploring. Should you be en route to one of the many islands in the Aegean Sea try, if possible, to take some time to admire this lovely harbour city.




Zea Harbour (Pasalimani)

Zea Harbour with its assortment of luxury yachts, recreational and leisure water craft and fishing boats is a picture of peace and calm. The promenade is adorned with pedestrians at almost all times of day; walking their dogs, pushing a pram or just ambling along while taking in the tranquil surrounds. On the opposite side of the street the ribbon of tavernas and cafes with their tantalizing waft of aromas invite the passersby in. Seafood in Piraeus is good and the number of fish tavernas abundant. After over-indulging a walk to the Hellenic Maritime Museum is recommended.



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The horseshoe harbour of Mikrolimano is smaller than Zea Harbour, but quainter and more charming. It is also more laid-back with its waterfront seafood tavernas and coffee shops mostly right on the lapping water’s edge.


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For those who enjoy fine dining the prestige, Michelin starred Varoulko Seaside offers Greek and Mediterranean dishes and fresh seafood; squid and octopus being featured highly. They are renowned for showcasing organic vegetables so ideal for vegetarians too. An added aesthetic advantage is their dining room opening directly onto the water. With views of the wind surfers, yachts, fishing boats and the Attica coast beyond it is a beautiful spot with lovely ambiance and scrumptious food.



                                                                     Photo courtesy of varoulko.gr


Varoulko is only one of many excellent restaurants at Mikrolimano and this area is notorious for its fresh seafood. For those who prefer elevated views a vigorous walk up the hill will afford them delicious cuisine at one of the hillside tavernas.


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Piraeus Archaeological Museum

The Piraeus Archaeological Museum was founded in 1935, in order to host the antiquities derived from the archaeological research in the area. The entire collection covers the Minoan to Roman periods. It is a wealth of treasure with some artifacts dating from the 3rd, 4th and 6th Centuries BC.



                                    Photo of 'Piraeus Athena' - Piraeus Archaeological Museum


The majority of the collection comprises grave monuments, sculptures and statues with the Piraeus Athena and Piraeus Artemis, (classical age bronzes) and Piraeus Apollo, (an archaic-age bronze statue of the Kouros type, circa late 6th century B.C.), being the most famous.



                                     Photo of Piraeus Apollo - greecetravel.


* kouros is the modern term given to free-standing ancient Greek sculptures that first appear in the Archaic period in Greece and represent nude male youth.- Source - Wikipedia.


Outside, the small museum gardens contain the Hellenistic Theatre of the Zea district, remnants of ancient architecture and a number of sarcophagi with some interesting and well-preserved mythological scenes.



The equivalent to Athens’ Ermou Street is Sotiros Dios, Piraeus’s largest commercial pedestrian street and one of the most fashionable and chic areas of Piraeus. This walkway is flanked with name brand stores and smaller fashion boutiques. There are also some lovely tavernas and cafes dotted along this pretty tree-lined avenue.


Should you happen to be in Piraeus on Sunday, don't miss the Piraeus Flea Market where 'one man's trash becomes another man's treasure'. There are some beautiful pieces including bric-a-brac and antiquities to be found at really reasonable prices. 



Photo by Thomas Gravanis


For shopping in Piraeus the  main shopping area is centrally located between Akti Poseidonos, Antistaseos Street and Gounary Street. Book shops are located along Filonos Street.



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Once one gets away from the harbour area of Piraeus with its office blocks which house the many marine companies and the numerous rather square and uninteresting apartment blocks there are hidden treasures in the form of neo-classic buildings and delightful coves and beaches to be found.


Main Photo - Magical Greece

Text - Adelia Cook for MyKerlyra.com



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