Questions and Answers: Tsitsimpira and cultural festivities

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 Nicola Godfrey από το Worcester

Q: HeIIo! Congratulations for your magazine. You really did a good work! I visited Corfu in July and I had a great time! I really enjoy looking for traditional products in every place I visit and I discovered many amazing things in Corfu. I also found ginger beer! It was sold almost everywhere and I tasted it. I would like to know some things about the ginger beer produced in Corfu. I wanted to learn some information but I didn’t manage to find many things.





A: We are glad that you enjoyed your visit to our island and tasted our traditional product of ginger beer, which is one of many that we have in Corfu. Mr. George Chimarios is known for the production of this product and for years now they keep the tradition. It is a family business based in the village of Kalafationes that sells this product all over the island. We had published a very interesting atticle concerning ginger beer in the 4th issue of our magazine. If you have not seen the article, we can send it to you or the full issue. We look forward to hearing from you.




Emma Watts from Birmingham

Q: Hello! My family and I are planning to visit Corfu the 5th September because they told us that it is more relaxing and quiet then. They also told us that there are plenty of cultural festivities in that period. Since your magazine deals with the culture of the island we would like you to confirm this information. 



A: Thank you very much for regarding our magazine as a reliable source of information. We are very interested in our culture which is rich in tradition and festivities. Your information is correct. There are many cultural festivities in September. However, not so many as during summer time but if you want, you can let us know where you intend to stay and we will tell you specifically which festivities will be taking place in that particular area, or for the whole island.


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