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           Q: What is kumquat and how is it related to Corfu?
In Chinese,"kumquat" means golden orange,
and from this the kumquat tree gets its name.
The scientific name for kumquat is, Fortunella Margarita, which a species of the Far East, brought to Europe by Robert Fortune in 1846. Merlin imported it to Corfu along with the well-known navel oranges. 
Back in time : 
Merlin was an English traveller and Inhabitant of Corfu who loved cultivating trees on his farm that had been Imported from all over the worId. Consequently, in 1924 he brought the ferst kumquat tree to Corfu In Greece, it is only in Corfu where they are cultivated  in organized orchards and particularly in the district of Nymfes, which is an area of the Municipality of Thinali. It is a short frwt tree with small, dark green leaves. The blossom Is small and white and the fruit, oval-shaped with a thick fleshy peel that smells of citrus and is yellowish-orange in colour, while its flesh has a sweet, but sour flavour. 
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