The beautiful Erikousa island!

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Erikousa island is the northernmost Ionian island and the second biggest island of the Diapontia complex with 400 inhabitants, just 6 nautical miles north from Cape Drastis of northern Corfu. It was originally mentioned in scripts by Pliny during the 1stcentury A.D. as Erikoùsa or Ericusa and later in the 2nd century A.D. by Ptolemy.



According to local tradition, the island was once deserted and it was inhabited by families of Paxos which migrated from Othoni and settled there.

The lush fields make you think that a part of Epirus or Corfu broke off, floated on the sea and eventually got stuck there, at the very edge of Greece.



The island was named after the shrub “Riki” which grows all over the island

and it was also called “Merlera” according to certain cartographers

of the 16th century A.D. During October, the shrubs blossom and a thick purple ‘carpet’ covers the whole island.



The island is verdant, full of myrtles, rosemary and cypresses which reach the seashore. Porto is the only port of the island which has an organized and endless beach with shallow clear waters which attracts many Corfiots. It is the sheltered port of Erikousa with the organized beach with showers for swimmers and visitors, beautiful wooden signs which guidetouriststo anywhere in the island through amazing trails accessible to everyone.


Santardo is the highest point of the island, about 130 m high, which boasts an amazing view of the round and green island. To the west of the island, there is the beautiful golden sandy beach of Braghini.

One of the most beautiful parts of the island is Pera Katergo,

wherea stone cross tells the story of a nautical disaster that happened there 100 years ago.

Pera Katergo is the only area of the island covered by rocks.

In the past, this hill was a local quarry, where workers used dynamite to detach stone in order to sculpt it.

Porto is connected with Corfu port and during summer it is also connected with Sidari. The island has an excellent heliport as well as a rural medical practice, a hotel and room rentals.



Photos by Eddie kastamonitis


[The Diapontia Islands: a tucked away island complex with jagged coastlines at the westernmostpoint of Greece.]


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