The enchanting Paradise beach "Chomoi" at Liapades!

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The enchanting Paradise beach is exactly what the name refers to! a paradise on earth!!

The locals mostly call it Chomoi beach as it is known many years now at the area of Liapades.

What no one can deny is the fact the the name "Paradise" can describe the crystal clear waters, the rocky formations and the pebbles that cover its shore..


 Its turquoise waters have been awarded with a Blue Flag..

and you can only explore & reach it

by a boat.


We chose the Corfu Explore Boats /  @Corfu-Explore Boats 
Contact Number: 0030 6984883149


The beach is not organised, so you can have your own bottle of water and of course do not leave any rubbish at the beach.

The beach is not that reccomented for small children, the water are deep and you will need sun protection for the kids after 14:00.


Enjoy Summer

Enjoy Greece

Enjoy Corfu, Kerkyra !!




Marilia Makri for 


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