The Grava Gardikiou Cave in Corfu!

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It is located on the southern part of Mount Pantokrator of Saint Matthew picturesque village.

It is surrounded by an olive grove at an altitude of 60  meters and its distance from the from the Byzantine fortification of Gardiki is 300 meters . 



It is a horizontal cave, with two entrances and a length of about 20 m.

At its south-eastern entrance are large rock slopes, indicating a larger area of ​​the cave in the past.

Excavations have exposed stone tools made of silicon,

a perforated canine deer  and remains of animals


The investigation showed that the tools were made in the cave.

On the basis of their technical and typological characteristics, they were integrated into two chronological horizons, which belong to the later phases of the Upper Paleolithic period (20,000-13,000 years ago).

Animal bones come from the families of deer, equidae, cattle, mammals and carnivores.



Their presence is largely connected with geological evidence that Corfu was united with the continent.



Exploration of the cave was done with the cave researcher René van Vliet


Μελιδης Αλεξανδρος


Images by Αlexandros Melidis G.



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