The Greek Mainland's Magic 'Mill of Elves'

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This absolutely fabulous attraction brings out the child in all of us. It is, obviously, by its name, a Christmas venue for little kids and big kids too!


The city of Trikala has become popular as a winter destination due to an innovative idea of transforming an old mill into the largest Christmas theme park in Greece which welcomes in excess of 850 000 visitors per annum.



Enjoy a Gluwein or coffee to warm you against the winter chill then enter the magic of Santa's workshop and watch the elves make chocolate covered biscuits, chocolates, and candies. Head upstairs to see where Santa sleeps while his little helpers toil away at the chocolate fountain. 


On the lower  level there is a shop which is filled with a sugar-overload of enormous proportion. The sugar coated fruits, candies, nougats and confectionery make delectable gifts, so why not do your Christmas shopping while savouring the mouth-watering treats? 



There are rides and stalls for both children and adults. Stalls include anything from home made preserves, souvenirs and confectionery to toys, books and intricate handicrafts.



Don't forget to purchase the scrumptious Melomakarona prepared primarily during the Festive Season. These egg-shaped, traditional Greek cookies containing orange, honey, flour, cinnamon and cloves are to die for! Kourabiedes, the ultimate Greek Christmas cookie, made with butter and roasted almonds coated in copious amounts of icing sugar are also on sale here. These too are extremely appetising! 



The “Mill of Elves”, Santa's home,  is open between November and the beginning of January.


The Old Town of Trikala during the Festive Season is quite incredible. There are innumerable decorations and Santas in abundance, displayed in doorways and out on the pedestrian walkway. 



Wander into one of the many tavernas and savour the hearty Greek soups served with crusty fresh bread while warming beside the glowing open fireplaces.  For the more adventurous there is the outdoor ice ring to test their skills.


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