Unique Olive Wood

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While on Corfu do stop in at one of the numerous olive wood shops en route where you are sure to be delighted by the quality of the artisan’s hand crafted wares. My personal favourite would have to be ‘Yannis’ on the Paleokastritsa Road. You can’t miss the full size olive wood Harley Davidson on display at the entrance!




Olives are harvested from the trees and the branches are trimmed back annually. The wood is gathered and then, after drying, is shaped to make numerous different items some of which are decorative while others practical in nature. No two items are identical as the wood grain varies from one to another.


Be it a souvenir you are in search of or a memento for your own home you will be hard pressed to make a decision! Items available in most of the wood shops are serviette and wine bottle holders, bowls and serving utensils, jewelry boxes and jewelry, salt and pepper grinders and shakers, coasters, pens, candle holders, cutting boards, honey pots, nutcrackers, photo frames, ornaments and not to forget the Komboloi (Greek worry beads).


For those of you who like a challenge pick up one of the wooden ‘brain teaser’ puzzles…it is sure to keep you occupied for some time! In the event of you not getting it back together again you can always give it to an annoying friend for them to solve!




Photography by Yannis Olive Wood Word Shop

Written by Adelia Cook for mykerkyra.com







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