The island of Corfu may be famous for its history, the impressive Old Town and its cantons, Spianada Square and of course Liston street, but it does not cease to hide other treasures that are waiting for you to discover them.

The southern part of the island will take you on a “safari” to the sand dunes of Issos beach, it will tempt you with the spices of its cuisine by the sea, and then strolling through its villages you will learn about the myths and the many stories that accompany it.

Starting from the Korission lagoon, kilometers from the city center, it is worth walking and resting on the endless sandy beach on the right side, at Chalikounas beach.

For lovers of water sports, kite surfing is the star there and if you don’t try it yourself, you can always watch the impressive figures of experienced surfers.

On your left, the lake that hosts every year about several species of birds, among them the beautiful flamingos.

Along the route you will also come across unique flowers that grow in scattered places, while at the end of the route there was once an intense roe collection activity, but that has declined over the years.

Continuing on, the sun and the sea will surely whet your appetite.

A short drive away, the coastal area of ​​Boukari has many tavernas and is  known for its tavernas serving fresh fish and seafood by the sea.

The nearby village of Boukari, the village of Chlomos will definitely make you want to wander. As there are beautiful houses of traditional architecture, picturesque neighborhoods and routes that lead to panoramic views of the entire area. If you have a good eye, you will even spot Corfu town and the airport, the locals are always happy to help you.

But the road trip doesn’t stop there. If you like the idea of trying an award-winning olive oil, made by a local family, we recommend you visit The Governor Olive Oil. With the help of a guide, you will tour some of the oldest olive trees and learn important information about the history and connection of the island of Corfu with olive cultivation.

Are you craving another adventure? We have three more fascinating suggestions for you:

Sunset between the dunes of Issos beach!

Exploring the “village of the pirates”, the village Korakades!

Ascent to the forested area of ​​Arkoudilas, at the southernmost tip of the island, above Cape Asprokavos (Cavo Bianco).

An evening, like a sweet “serenade” with an idyllic dinner by the river of Lefkimmi .

Finally, if you want to enjoy international or even Greek music, there are some nightclubs in Agios Georgios village on your way back to Corfu town.

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