Corfu is not only beautiful in spring and summer time but also in winter. Colored with earthy hues and warm colours of the leaves that fill the streets. Additionally, as a place intertwined with music the rain puts the tone for all the artistic inspiration you didn’t know you need.

These days can be quite cold giving you a first class opportunity to enjoy a hot drink in the most beautiful cozy cafes of the city!

Find the best options and recommendations for coffee, tea or hot chocolate in the top 7 places that caught our interest for their facilities and wonderful atmosphere.

  • Porcelani  

Delicate and refined, Porcelani is a relatively new place but has gathered the interest of all aesthetics fanatics with its tasteful decoration. What to expect? But of course quality snacks and drinks in beautiful cups, plates and tableware. Its stone walls with its armchairs, mugs and plates will surely manage to transport you to a more romantic era.

Important detail: porcelani is pet friendly too, that means you can share your winter afternoon with your four-legged friend.


  • Favela Nº17  

We really can’t get enough of this place! Favela opened a few years ago and managed to win us over with its neat vintage and romantic decor, its delicious savory and sweet pancakes and the ideal location.

During the summer time it welcomes us to the most picturesque and beautiful neighborhood of Campielos, while in colder days we are craving for one little corner inside Favela that will host our warm, inspiring moments as we observe the rain from its window. Pin the Favela on your map, walk through the narrow cantons of the “Campielo” area and it is sure to become your favorite hangout.

Important detail: Favela is quite busy and it will take patience and a bit of luck to get a table, its friendly personnel thought, will be happy to help you with that.

  • Arthaus 

Art lovers, Art-haus is literally the home of art and therefore a perfect place for you!

Paintings by Corfu artists, tasteful corners, aromatic coffee and snacks are there for you,  along with delicious dishes to satisfy your taste and artistic desire. Upstairs you will find another special space for your company and for you who love to remotely work from the computer in a place that will surely inspire you. We suggest you try one of his lunch time dishes, which are famous for their simplicity and deliciousness.

  • Stories Cafe bistro 

Earth tones, comfortable sofas and an all day meeting point that you will love both on cold winter days and those rainy days when you are looking for a warm place to enjoy your drink. The low lighting and the calm atmosphere of the music, will surely make you lose the track of time. You will find Stories in the middle of the pedestrian street of Iakovos Polylas a perfect place to relax after shopping or a busy day in town.

  • Πλους  

The most famous and unique shop for all book lovers is definately Plous coffee bookstore. “The first pure bookstore of the City” as it is introduced to us is a place of relaxation and tranquility. Flip through one of his books and try your tea or coffee in one of his comfortable chairs. Plous promises to take you on a journey on its own ship of knowledge, images and hot drinks for the most beautiful winter afternoons.

  • Puppet  

Puppet cafe is located at a crossroads in the city center and discreetly holds the reins of the favorite cafe of many visitors and locals for its uniqueness in decoration and flavors. We definitely recommend trying a tea from its menu and don’t hesitate to ask about the options available in drinks, dishes and for later cocktails and drinks on its ground floor and first floor, while island visitors have the option of waking up to the most beautufil view od Corfu old town, staying in one of the rooms on the third and fourth floors of the building.

  • Gabao  

Harmonious decor with handmade touches and Instagrammable details make up Gabao. You will find it in the famous “Kantouni tou mpizi”. Order your coffee and ask for the snack options or alternatively enjoy a fresh juice with scrambled egg. Whatever you choose, the cleanliness and simplicity of the space will surely manage to give you a pleasant break from everyday life and perhaps inspiration for diy’s for your house. A short talk with one of the two owners of Gabao will give you all the information about the original form of the furniture in their space as almost all of the cafe is created from recycled old furniture.

Ecological and beautiful! Plus there are also some exceptional events happening often, who knows you might get lucky!

We really hope you enjoyed these beloved cozy cafes in the city, please share with us your choices and your experiences and of course, if you visit one of the above places, we will love you to add us to your stories.

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Text Composing: Marilia Makri
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