The perfect color combination of the green of nature and the blue of the sea will take you to myths and stories about couples in love!

Be the protagonists of your own story in one of the following unique, romantic spots on the island.

Idyllic places perfect for making memories with your partner and why not, exchanging vows of eternal love.

There are many times when myths have an influence on today and leave their imprint indelible over time. From the visitors who visited this spot in the past until now, it is undoubtedly the most romantic place on the island of Corfu. Legend has it that whichever couple swims in the waters of the Canal d’amour seals their love forever. Would you try it?

If you are both adventurous, the twin beaches in the beautiful village of Afionas are definitely the ideal choice.

Photos from the top of the view are spreading around the world, year after year. In addition, there is a new trend that started recently and some couples wearing their sneakers and in their most romantic and adventurous mood, choose this place for a marriage proposal or even for wedding photography!

It was around 1907 when Emperor Wilhelm Kaiser, fascinated by the peace of the place, built the Kaiser Observatory.

The 360 ​​degree panoramic view and the atmosphere are definitely unique and idyllic.Couples who visit the Kaiser Observatory “lock” their love forever in the metal chain of the fenced platform and often exchange vows of love.

You will find that the drive to it also offers unique landscapes and sunsets of incomparable beauty!

The cafe next to the parking lot is also available for dessert or a meal for two.

It is simply inevitable to be in Corfu and not take a photo or be photographed with a view of the famous Liston.

We will take you to a “key” point. When right behind you lies the whole street of Liston with its famous arches, on the side the canton of  Saint Spyridon and in front of you the aristocratic building of  The Palace of Saint Michael and Saint George, you are in Kofineta!

And while the whole area of ​​Paleokastritsa impresses with its beaches, choosing the uphill alley at the end of the road you will find the Holy Monastery of Panagia Paleokastritsa at the highest point.

There, in a dreamy setting you will walk to the beautiful Monastery and outside you will find another part of the island with love locks to add yours.

There is a spot on the island of Corfu that can captivate even the most experienced travelers, with its wild landscape.

During the sunset, it seems like time stops for a while, giving you plenty of time to enjoy the exchanging of the colors in the horizon while the sun goes down.

The beauty of view that stretches out before you is just magnificent!

Access to the spot is very easy and there are several stalls as well as a cafe-bar restaurant to choose the one that suits you best.

Extra hint spot: 

On the south side of the island, in the village of Agios Mattheos there is a mountain that you will love if you love walking and exploring. Arriving at the top near the church you will find a hidden bench with a unique panoramic view of the “treasures of the south”, Lake Korission, Prasoudi beach and Issos.

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