The word hospitality is totally related to the experience of tarveling in Greece. Corfu island, besides being a wonderful place to spent your holiday, when it come to the beaches and the sights, is also well known as an island for its hospitality and tourism infrastructure.

In the countless options od dining that one can have, there are some that stand out and maintain for years the first place in the preference of visitors.

An old cafe-grocery was to be transformed into a restaurant that honors Corfiot flavors, placed in a privileged position with unparalleled panoramic views.

It all started with the love of Mrs. Andrianna and Mr. Panagiotis to create, honor the traditions and share their beloved traditional dishes. From their small cafe-grocery on a small terrace in the traditional village, Spilaio,  they managed to attract the support and  trust of the locals, that made it their reference point for every gathering.

It was in 1982 that they decided to go one step further and create a traditional family tavern in order to pursue their ideas and dreams.

The sight that unfolded before the eyes of the visitors , strengthened the will of their son Mr. Tasos to expand the business and take over the administration, continuing the dream of his parents. Thus, in 1993 the tavern expanded, in front of their paternal home and the “75-step restaurant” was able to accommodate more visitors of the island, who loved the family character of the restaurant and its delicious traditional dishes, something that they preserve until today.

The demand led into adding extra services and thus the family made apartments to accommodate and please their visitors by providing a complete experience to the customers of the store, introducing and integrating them, into the lifestyle of the villagers.

All these years Mr. Tasos and his family make sure to enrich their facilities and provide the best of hospitality to their costumers.
Small getaways and visits to the wine-making process, as well as many activities that take place from time to time on the initiative of the Markati family, have managed to introduce visitors to the habits and traditions of the place and make them choose the “75 steps restaurant” every year for their holidays.

The name of the restaurant has its own beautiful story too.
The 75 steps restaurant had a typical entrance with 75 steps which today has been replaced by the provision of a state-of-the-art elevator and some stairs that the visitor can choose as an alternative access to the restaurant.

The most characteristic Greek flavors.

A menu with a strong Greek element and Corfiot touches with the dishes that every visitor of the island should try. Rich portions and flavors that give you the familiar feeling of the homemade, family food., so as the services and  the details that are supervised by the Markati family maintain the good referesncves of the costumers each and every year. Besides that, many and good friendships started there and you will be surprised with the wonderful stories and experiences that many visitors have to share.


Find your favorite traditional flavors and enjoy the magnificent view of the 75 steps restaurant.


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