The summer in Corfu is full of opportunities for our little friends to have memorable moments full of games, creativity, and fun!

Discover together with us the summer activities that will make their holidays in Corfu unforgettable.


Beach and Water Sports

Corfu’s beaches offer rich possibilities for water activities like inflatable games in the sea, snorkeling, SUP, canoeing, and learning water sports like skiing or wakeboarding for older kids.

Renting a boat with children can also be an excellent choice for a family activity during the summer vacation. Within safe parameters and with the appropriate preparation, the experience can be unforgettable for the kids.

Children get excited when they engage in alternative activities and love to stay busy. Alongside swimming and exploring the underwater world with a mask and snorkel, you could even try fishing.

Nowadays, fishing gear is lightweight, slim, and made from quality materials, making it suitable even for children. Moreover, there’s no need to use very large or ‘special’ baits. After all, the essence is to spend quality time with children, teaching them new things and creating experiences that will undoubtedly stay with them as unforgettable memories.

Horse Riding Lessons

Corfu’s beautiful nature provides many opportunities for horseback riding activities. Through interaction with animals, collaboration, and sensory experiences, children develop emotional and communication skills.

Crossing olive groves, pine and oak forests, eucalyptus, cypress trees, and countless flowers, you can enjoy a unique family experience. On the island, there are various options for riding schools and routes that lead from the mountains to the sea.

Visit to Corfu Donkey Rescue

Kids can enjoy a visit to the donkey sanctuary, feed the animals, and raise awareness while learning the value of giving back.

Summer Festivals and Events

Check the schedule of local festivals and events to find outdoor summer events that offer activities for kids, such as open-air cinemas in various locations across the island. Check the schedule here.

Summer Workshops and Games

Many hotels and shops offer summer workshops for kids, as well as poolside games and sports programs. The Municipal Gallery and the Corfu Astronomy Society also organize workshops and activities for kids.

Trip to Paleokastritsa

Explore the world underwater and… of reptiles in one day. Get a close look at local fish, marine organisms, and internationally known reptiles at the Corfu Aquarium. Then explore the underwater world up close with a cruise on the Corfu Sea Discovery.

Visit to Aqualand Water Park

Aqualand is a large water park with pools, water slides, and various games suitable for kids of all ages.

Museum Visits

The Capodistrias Museum introduces kids to the life and work of Ioannis Capodistrias, letting them visit the family’s country residence and explore the beautiful garden around it.

Casa Parlante offers a unique experience by bringing a 19th-century mansion to life.

Family Trip to the Old Fortress

Children can explore the Old Fortress, walk along its walls, and enjoy a stunning view of the city.

Boschetto and People’s Garden

These beautiful gardens next to the entrance of the Old Fortress offer space for play, adventure, and relaxation in nature. Boschetto also features a recently renovated playground.

Overall, summer activities on an island provide children with a rich experience that enhances their physical, social, and creative development, while also giving them the chance to enjoy the wonderful world of the island and the sea.

Text Composing: Ada Kiriazi
Photography: Eddie Kastamonitis, Kapodistrias Museum, Corfu Aquarium
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