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    VillasNorth CorfuKalami

    Erkina Villas

    The Ultimate Retreat in Corfu for Unforgettable Getaways

    With a rich connection to the history and nature of the region, Erkina Villas showcase the area’s beauty and offer […]

    VillasNorth CorfuSinies

    Rizes Corfu

    Porta - Sinies, 6944604986
    VillasNorth CorfuBarbati

    Glyfa Beach Villas

    Glyfa, 2661049300
    VillasCentral CorfuLiapades

    Villa Grecia

    Liapades, 2661051531, 6944453858
    VillasCentral CorfuAgios Ioannis Parelion

    Villa Ceasar

    Agios Ioannis Parelion, 6972528154
    VillasSouth CorfuKorission Lagoon

    Lux Seafront Villa Afroditi

    Chalikounas, +30 6983339313
    VillasPaxos - Antipaxos

    Lovers Nest

    Antipaxos, 6985888068

    Reiki Villas

    Ereikousa, 6949343414
    VillasCentral CorfuSinarades

    Villa Vardia

    Aerostato Sinarades, 6982284676
    VillasSouth CorfuMessonghi

    Palms & Spas Boutique Suites & Villas

    Messonghi, 2661 075266
    VillasSouth CorfuChlomos

    Theea Cottage

    Chlomos, 07702046334
    VillasSouth CorfuChlomos

    Villa Sunmare

    Chlomos, +30 694 827 1216
    VillasCentral CorfuDanilia

    Villa Athos

    Danilia, Kira Chrisikou 6942060844
    VillasCentral CorfuPerama

    Edem Noela Corfu

    Perama, 2661020737, 6944306869
    VillasCentral CorfuGastouri

    Ekaterina Estate

    Gastouri, +447768770973
    VillasSouth CorfuKouspades

    Little Iremia

    Kouspades, +30 698 579 1942
    VillasCentral CorfuGastouri

    Seven Keys Luxury Suites

    Gastouri, 6942452745
    VillasCentral CorfuGouvia

    Tessera Villas

    Gouvia, 2661090440
    VillasCentral CorfuLiapades

    Villa di Pietra

    Liapades, 6940214178
    VillasCentral CorfuKommeno

    Villa Ammirami

    Kommeno, info@ammirami.com
    VillasNorth CorfuSokraki

    Sokraki Villas

    Sokraki, 2663022176
    VillasNorth CorfuAvliotesAgios Stefanos Avlioton

    Villa Quietude

    Agios Stefanos Avlioton, 6984995414
    VillasNorth CorfuSiniesRou

    The Rou Estate

    Rou, Simpson Travel https://www.simpsontravel.com/greece/corfu/the-rou-estate
    VillasSouth CorfuKorission Lagoon

    Villa Natura

    Lake Korission, +30 694 436 8794
    VillasSouth CorfuPavliana

    Villa Pangalis Romantica

    Pavliana, +30 698 048 1607
    VillasNorth CorfuSiniesAvlaki

    Villa Corfu Erimitis

    Avlaki, 6977574726
    VillasNorth CorfuGimari

    The Olive Press

    Agni, +442045771721
    VillasNorth CorfuNissaki

    Ultima Corfu

    Nissaki, +41227793333
    VillasNorth CorfuKalami

    Erkina Villas

    Kalami, 6974600474
    VillasNorth CorfuSiniesAgios Stefanos Sinion

    Villa Tatiana

    Agios Stefanos Sinion, 2661042212, 6978771022
    VillasSouth CorfuAgios Mattheos

    Casa Alta Mare Luxury Villa

    Luxury Villa, Skidi beach, Agios Mattheos, 697 661 9502
    VillasSouth Corfu

    Mimi and Coco Villas Corfu

    Paramonas, 693 230 4066
    VillasSouth CorfuKamara

    Villa Kamaritis

    Kamara, 2661 054746
    VillasSouth CorfuMessonghi

    Ionian Pearl Luxury Spa Villa

    Spa Villa, Messonghi, 694 526 5048
    VillasSouth CorfuMoraitika

    Three Stars Luxury Villas

    Moraitika, 26610 75223
    VillasCorfu TownGaritsa


    Garitsa Kyprou 9-11 +30 6985 820 500

    Carpofoli, a renovated mansion building with 4 luxurious suites for your most unique, relaxing stay within walking distance of Corfu […]

    VillasNorth CorfuSiniesEleourgia

    Villa Anastasia

    Villa Anastasia, relaxing moments overlooking the sea, with all the facilities for the most carefree vacation in Sinies northeast of […]

    Travel AgenciesNorth CorfuKassiopi

    The Travel Corner

    Choose among a wide variety of services and accommodation and get the best holiday experiences by ensuring all arrangements meet […]

    VillasNorth CorfuSiniesPorta - Meggoulas - Santa

    Villa Socrates

    Let the beauty of nature be your medicine.

    VillasNorth CorfuKassiopi

    Villa Ataraxia

    An atmosphere of pure tranquility…