From 7 pm, nice music, colorful cocktails, and a true summer atmosphere cheer us up.

The protagonist is the view and the square of the legendary Pelekas.

As locals and foreign fans of Corfu know, Pelekas is not just another village of Corfu, it is a destination!

With its fantastic views, this privileged village has experienced unforgettable summer days and nights, great people, and plenty of carefree fun!

People from different countries adore this atmosphere of authentic summer joy at Aera Sky Bar, many of whom are becoming fans! The vibrancy of the square, the colors of the sunset, the inspiring drinks and the scent of summer all combine to create the dreamiest evenings!

After the beach, groups of people with smiles and the scent of sunscreen go up to Pelekas for the view from the Aera Sky bar.

Once the magical veil of night falls, romantic couples of all ages and large groups arrive here to enjoy the glow of the moon and stars. And when there’s a full moon, the square fills up and no one wants to leave this magic.

The events, 4-5 every week with different kinds of music and Greek music every Thursday, make the fun even more, sometimes a real party!

Check out Aera Sky Bar’s schedule on Facebook and Instagram and pick your night!

Aera Sky Bar is the place that offers the Greek summer evenings we all crave, no matter what part of the world we come from. Real, authentic, summer!

From 7 pm daily.

Aera Sky Bar

Contact Number: 698 472 3404


Text Composing: Aliki Katsarou
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