Built on the eastern slope of Mount Agioi Deka, it is one of the most charming, traditional villages of Corfu.

The first references to it are found as early as 1503, a stroll through its picturesque narrow streets with quaint houses, which carry many elements of the former life of its inhabitants, take one back in time.

Historically, the settlement Agioi Deka relates to the inhabitants of Crete who with the migratory waves moved to many areas of Greece and then to the island of Corfu, bringing to the settlement the image of the Holy Ten Martyrs, from where the village took its name. The mountain on which it is built is called the mountain of Ten Saints, but in the past it was called “Mount Galicion”.

Old shops, olive mills and old houses distinguishes the settlement Agioi Deka from other villages of Corfu.
The view in many parts of the settlement Agioi Deka is amazing as one can clearly see the surrounding area with its villages, but also the city of Corfu, the airport, Mainland Igoumenitsa and the mountains of Albania.

The inhabitants made sure to maintain the traditional character of the settlement, adding colourful touches with their manicured potted flowers and characteristic limed walls that illuminate the streets and the detail around them.

Old shops, olive mills and old houses, sometimes with balconies full of stories from the past and sometimes with external old stairs, compose the traditional character that distinguishes the settlement Agioi Deka.

The unity of the inhabitants and their love for activism results in the creation of a very active cultural association. Dance and theatre classes are open all year round, while the artistic temperament of the residents resonates from end to end in their melodious singing. One will often encounter groups of residents that gather to sing as in the past…

From the village of Agioi Deka one can visit the Church of the Pantocrator Agioi Deka from whence the location of the Radar facilities, at the apex, is visible.

The vista from the Radar Station is breathtakingly beautiful. It is however also of great importance as crucial systems, such as the flight procedures, the approach of the aircraft at the airport of Corfu, and the meteorological radar of the National Observatory of Athens operate from there

While at Agioi Deka; try the authentic Corfiot cuisine in one of the traditional tavernas of the village.

The nearest beach is that of the popular Agios Gordis which is well worth visiting..

Text Editor: Marilia Makri
Translation - Text Editor: Adelia Cook
Photography: Marilia Makri
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