The Corfiot countryside, due to its terrain and distinctive climate, boasts many wild edible herbs which in Greek are called “lachana”. Theseherbs grow in the fields and are extremely rich in vitamins, flavonoids, polyphenoles and omega-3 which enhance the antioxidant ability of our body.

One of these plants is the prickly goldenfleece (Urospermumpicroides, Family Asteraceae).

This annual herb is very common in Greece and grows up from 20 to 50 cm tall. It grows almost everywhere in uncultivated or cultivated lands. It is considered a weed because it impedes crops and its annual circle of life helps spread fast.

The shape and size of its leaves varies. Their colour is dark green and their shape is often divided into many sharp-toothed lobes. They are long with a thick red stalk and central vein.

Collected from Autumn until the end of Spring, it makes for a delicious appetizer.

The taste of the leaves is slightly bitter; they can be eaten raw in a salad, boiled with lots of lemon or as a side to lamb or goat. Finally, they can be used in herb pies.They are rich in calcium and iron and a source of vitamin C, thiamin, riboflavin and niacin.


Αρχείο My Kerkyra Magazine

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Text Editor: Spiros Ginis
Text Editor: Ada Kiriazi
Photography: Stamatis Ginis
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