Next to the entrance of Mon Repo, a road ascends to the craggy hill of Analipsi, or Analipsi Kardaki, as it used to be called, which occupies the highest point of the peninsula, the former citadel of ancient Corfu (Paleopolis).

Following the walls of Mon Repo we are in one of the most beautiful and quiet suburbs of the city, immersed in greenery and olive groves and in places with unique views.

Analipsi, churches

The area got its name from the Church of Analipsis which is located there, but which is dedicated to the Savior Christ, as evidenced by the remarkable old fresco of the Savior, located on the right side of the church, opposite the newer icon of the Analipsis. The church of Agia Marina is located on the highest hill of the area. The view is panoramic embracing the entire northern part of the island, the city, the southern part and the majestic volume of Epirus.


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Text Editor: Ada Kiriazi
Photography: Ada Kiriazi
Photography: Thomas Katsaros
Translation - Text Editor: Adelia Cook
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