Andriotis GREEK OLIVE OIL, The Corfiot Olive grove

The “blessed” olive tree loves the sea and the Mediterranean sun, grows even in barren and stony soils and withstands drought and strong winds.

The unique olive groves of Corfu occupy most of the countryside and dominate the landscape of the island.

They start from Pantokrator, the high mountain of the island, where with shaped stone structures, continue on high or low hills, where the trees hold the earth from erosion and end up in plains that most often reach the shore!

Olive oil is one of the most important products of Corfu. We therefore unreservedly recommend that you try the company’s Andriotis GREEK OLIVE OIL.

Hippocrates called olive oil a "great healer", while Asclepius, Theophrastus and Plutarch praised its healing properties more than anything else.

Andriotis family business specializes in the collection, sorting and marketing of olive oil for more than 50 years. The long history, the know-how, the well-trained staff and the use of the most modern technology in all stages of collection and processing have made this company a point of reference and quality in the field of olive oil marketing.

For some years now, Andriotis GREEK OLIVE OIL, either directly or through local partners, has managed to collect and distribute olive oil from all over Greece. The company is headquartered on the island of Corfu.

Today the management of the company Andriotis GREEK OLIVE OIL has been taken over by the third generation, the grandchildren Dimitris and Georgios Andriotis, who decided to realize a dream in 2011, to produce and distribute worldwide the exceptional quality Andriotis GREEK OLIVE OIL worldwide.


A story that passes through the olive groves of Corfu and travels throughout Europe.


Combine the beneficial properties with the excellent taste and enjoy the pure, virgin Corfu olive oil!

Buteli® is an extra virgin olive oil of small production, produced exclusively from olives that grow in the uniquely beautiful olive groves of Corfu.

The word ‘Buteli’ comes from the Venetian dialect and is part of the Corfiot traditional Lanolia. In the past it was used to describe the shop in which the Corfiot producers sold their olive oil.

The extra virgin Andriotis GREEK OLIVE OIL Buteli® is sold only in selected places and in extremely small quantities, in a collectible glass bottle 500 ml, with wooden handmade stopper, which comes from olive tree branches, selected and processed after the seasonal pruning.


The award-winning extra virgin Andriotis GREEK OLIVE OIL Kopos Limited Edition, is available in a certain number of bottles.

This specific Andriotis GREEK OLIVE OIL has won 8 international Design Awards and more than 20 awards for its taste quality.

We find it in selected places (delicatessen, gourmet super market, restaurants).

The olive tree is one of the oldest trees that fed man and certainly one of the most important. Its history, its cultivation, its fruits and their juice, ie the olive oil, were inextricably linked with the peoples of the Mediterranean.

The olive tree illuminated, nourished, healed, crowned, beautified and identified with high ideals.

The cultivation of olive oil is lost in the depths of the centuries. The oldest oil amphorae date from 3500 BC. during the early Minoan period, although olive oil production is thought to have begun before 4000 BC.

4 +1 advantages of this blessed good and our national product:

Anti-cancer properties

After years of studies, it has been found that people who include olive oil in their diet have a lower risk of cancer. This important property can be associated with its high content of oleic acid, which is the main fat contained in this food. In addition, olive oil contains antioxidants, flavonoids, polyphenols and squalene, all of which play an important role in its beneficial action.

Helps reduce weight

One of the most important characteristics of olive oil is the breakdown of fat through the body’s own fat cells as the monounsaturated fatty acids it contains replace saturated fatty acids. Thus, in addition to helping to reduce weight, it also helps regulate insulin.

However, it should not be overlooked that while olive oil is generally a healthy prooduct, it should be consumed in moderation due to its increased caloric content (1 tablespoon contains 135 calories).

It works as a painkiller

Olive oil has analgesic and anti-inflammatory effects. These beneficial effects of olive oil are also due to a new substance that has just been discovered and which is called oleocanthal.

Fresh extra virgin olive oil is richer in oleocanthal. Its action is similar to that of other known analgesic drugs such as ibuprofen.

Strengthens the immune system

Olive oil is rich in antioxidants and other nutrients that can help boost your immune system and help protect your body from disease.

The components of the olive (hydroxytyrosol-tyrosol-oleuropein) interfere with the process of DNA replication and multiplication of many infectious agents, thus acting effectively against respiratory infections, such as the common cold. Stopping this process the size of the viral load can not exceed the immune system and thus the body defends itself satisfactorily.

Anti-aging – Skin rejuvenation

The vitamins A, D, E and K found in olive oil help protect against free radicals and cell oxidation, which means that it also works as an anti-aging. Olive oil is a key ingredient in many anti-aging beauty masks.

Andriotis Greek Olive Oil

Contact info

50P.Aravantinou str., GR 49132, Corfu

T.: +30 2661044554

F.: +30 2661042210


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Text Composing: Ada Kyriazi
Photography: Pexels
Photography: Andriotis Greek Olive Oil
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