Aurelia means golden one.

That’s exactly how you will feel when you indulge in the pampering of the Aurelia Spa at the iconic Corfu Palace Hotel in Corfu Town.

Aurelia Spa is a large space, architecturally designed modern Spa that meets the global standards of wellness and wellbeing.

The decoration in earthy tones, the discretion and the courteous staff create the conditions of peace and tranquillity before you even start the treatment.

Within your private cabin, the specialized care of the Aurelia treatment you choose will likely exceed your expectations.

Once seated, the fluffy towels, lighting and background music will set you up for what’s next. As will the high-quality French cosmetics, chosen for their effectiveness as well as for their texture and the scent of well-being and joy they subtly spread.

But the main theme at Aurelia Spa is the precious touch. The qualified, highly trained staff, with extensive experience in the field of wellness, will offer your body and spirit the precious touch of total relaxation and beauty.

Depending on the treatment you have chosen between body massage, facial and body scrub, you will enjoy the corresponding specialised treatment. What all treatments have in common is relaxation and surrender to calmness and pleasure.

Each treatment aims at physical rejuvenation which is immediately visible but also mental calmness.

Every minute spent at Aurelia Spa you will feel your body and spirit let go and eventually merge in the experience of a broad and deep relaxation.

A wonderful pleasure and a light veil of wellness and beauty will gently enclose you. The experienced, confident hands of your beautician play a leading role in this sensation. The touch points, the intensity of the pressure she applies, and the dexterity and delicacy of the movements even in the “strong” pressures, all aim at the perfect result.


Facial treatments are aimed at revitalisation, anti-wrinkle action, purifying or acne treatment. Choose the one you need and enjoy lasting radiance results and well-being.


Do you need relaxation, detoxification, aroma relaxing, deep relaxation through sounds or the energy of hot lava shells?

Listen to your body's desire and let yourself in the wave of well-being that will surround you whole.


Do you need a refreshing body peeling, exotic body care with a blend of flowers & fruits or a revitalization grapefruit scrub?


Get pampered with a Spa foot pedicure or manicure treatment, and choose your own colour from the very trendy nail polishes of the season!

Whatever the desire and need of your body, you deserve the experience of relaxation promised by Aurelia Spa at Corfu Palace Hotel in the city centre. Every Aurelia Spa treatment is a precious gift to yourself. Precious as gold, it offers you long beneficial effects afterwards.

If you wish to receive Aurelia’s services in your own place, Aurelia Mobile Spa comes to you. The Aurelia Mobile Spa staff with their full equipment and highly cosmetic products are available to you at the location where you wish to enjoy Aurelia Spa services.

The services of Aurelia Spa & Mobile Spa apart from being a valuable gift to yourself, may be a valuable gift to your loved ones. Moreover, Aurelia Spa has a cabin for two people so that you can share an unforgettable experience with a loved one.

Aurelia Spa

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Text Composing: Aliki Katsarou
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