Just before the cosmopolitan resort of Kassiopi, on the northeast coast of Corfu, is Avlaki beach; a large, open bay with scintillating waters.

Winds usually prevail in the area, which makes the beach relatively “wild” and for this reason it is a paradise for lovers of surfing and sailing. Even on the hottest, summer day there is always a pleasant, cool breeze on the beach. On calm days one can also rent boats, pedal boats, canoes and paddle boards. Special beach shoes are recommended to enable one to walk more comfortably on its large pebbles.

An important feature of Avlaki is its proximity to three important wetlands of the area, the lakes namely Savoura, Vromolimni and Akoli.

A wonderful path, with signage, starts at Avlaki and leads to a pristine ecosystem, of incalculable environmental importance, the famous area of ​​Erimitis with its completely isolated and ‘untouched by tourist development’ beaches.

Avlaki beach is quiet, easily accessible (as it is located next to the road), has sunbeds and umbrellas and is suitable for families. Its colourful blue and turquoise, crystal clear waters and the endless green around it have been an attraction for tourists for years, especially foreigners who stay in the surrounding hotels or in the neighbouring area of ​​Kassiopi.

It is therefore an ideal choice for those who do not like sandy beaches and are looking for a place of unspoilt beauty, as, in the area; there are only two tavernas to be found, both of which are situated at the end of the road. It is popular in winter with the locals as well, who visit it to enjoy a walk in the tranquil, unmarred surroundings.

Text Composing: Ada Kiriazi
Photography: Shutterstock
Translation - Text Editor: Adelia Cook
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