Among the many Philharmonic Orchestras operating in Corfu, the Avliotes Philharmonic, contributes decisively and substantiates the preservation of the cultural heritage of our island. The purpose of its foundation is the dissemination of the art of music to all the inhabitants of Avliotes and the surrounding areas. The first appearance of the musical troupe in 1982 consisted of 55 musicians who participated in the Litany on the third day of Easter.

In its 38 years of operation, it has been an artistic entity that participates and enriches all the national, social and religious events of the community of Avliotes and other communities of the Municipality of Corfu. The activity of the Board of Directors of the Avliotes Philharmonic was not limited to the services of the band.

In 1996 a dance department was founded.

In 1998 a Brass ensemble was formed.

In 1999 a Mixed Choir section was created.

In 2009 a Children’s Choir department was started.

In 2002 it participated in the reception of the President of the Republic.

In 2005 it took part in the International Philharmonic Festival organized by the Municipality of Corfu.

In 2009 and 2010 it participated in the festive events for the Exodus of Messolonghi.

In 2012 it partook in the 5th International Festival of Philharmonic and Choirs of Greece at the Aristotle University in Thessaloniki, collaborating with traditional dance Faiakes and Avlioton Choir.

In 2013 it participated in the 6th Philharmonic Festival at the Vellideio Exhibition Centre in Thessaloniki.

In 2014 it participated in the reception of the Serbian President on the island of Vido.

In 2016 it took part in the Christmas events in Asterokosmos, Thessaloniki.

Other important performances were its appearance in the video clip of Petros Iakovidis in February 2018, at the Thessaloniki Concert Hall in November 2018, Palm Sunday 2019 in Messolonghi, and in the collaboration with Konstantinos Argyros in the wedding of the year, as reported by the media.

Today, Avliotes Philharmonic, under the direction of Spyros Kastamonitis, anticipates and envisions a world created by people who believe and love music and art, showing respect for the cultural heritage of our island.

The main musical body consists of 70 musicians. It has a music theory department where 30 piccolo bandina students, a youth band and a children’s choir department study.

In the repertoire of the Avliotes Philharmonic there are works by Greek and Foreign composers, classical, modern and of course a variety of traditional compositions of the Greek Countryside.

Since 27/06/11 it has been part of the Municipal Organization of Culture, Sports and Environment of the Municipality of Corfu, continuing its course in time, respecting the Corfu Tradition and the purpose of its establishment.

Avliotes Philharmonic:


Avlioton Philharmonic

Text Composing: Spiros Kastamonitis
Text Composing: Ada Kiriazi
Photography: Avlioton Philharmonic
Translation - Text Editor: Adelia Cook
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