Barbati is a hub of touristic activity. Situated on the north east coast, 19 km from Corfu Town. Barbati is a pebble beach, with beautiful white pebbles and crystal clear, azure waters. The majestic cypresses and the olive trees that surround Pantokrator Mountain complete the scenery with pretty colors.

A small treasure from the downhill road under the mountain of Pantokrator with pebbles and crystal-clear waters, which deepen relatively quickly compared to other beaches on the island.

The colors that the waters take will amaze you, with the vegetation giving something of its green and the colors of the mountain mixed with the blue of the sky.

Activities, facilities, and accommodation

Barbati, an organized area and the beach

Barbati is an organized area with cafes and restaurants for even the most demanding of tastes. You can also practice your favorite water sports or rent a boat. There are also different types of accommodation to suit all tastes and budgets with a common magnificent view since everything is located near the beach.

The village borders the coast road with tourist shops, supermarkets, tavernas and bars. It is a hive of activity during the hot summer months. The majority of the accommodation is on the beach-side of the road, hugging the slope of the mountain and affording guests magnificent views over the beach.

Barbati is not known for its nightlife as it is more ideal for the tourists who wish to relax and enjoy a cocktail by the beach.

Nearby,one can find plenty of pubs and bars at the area of Ipsos there are plenty.

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Read about the areas around Barbati, at “Northeastern Corfu“. The morphology of the region combines picturesque bays and ports with steep slopes coated with olive grooves and cypresses. The marine view is one of a kind as well, since it includes the deep blue sea and the gaunt mountains of Albania. Apart from its beauty, Northeastern Corfu is also a place with a rich cultural and historical legacy. This is why CorfuPress collaborated with the three cultural associations of the most important villages in the coastline and took the initiative to publish this guide, not just to inform visitors in general terms about these villages, but most importantly to motivate them to explore the landscapes and the history that defined our cultural identity, our customs and traditions.

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Text Composing: Marilia Makri
Photography: Eddie Kastamonitis
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