Corfu at Easter

Diapontia Islands

The Diapontia Islands

A tucked away island complex with jagged coastlines at the westernmostpoint of Greece.

The Diapontia islands are located in the Ionian Sea, at the westernmost point of Greece, just 10 km away from […]


Culinary Corfu

If you have discerning culinary taste buds Corfu is one of the best islands to visit.


The Corfiot costume

The jewel of tradition and culture of Corfu
Τέχνη & ΠολιτισμόςCorfu TownCentral Corfu

Ionian Academy – Ionian University

Their course through time. Passage from East to West.

The Ionian Islands have a rich cultural heritage that coupled the Greek tradition with the air of Italian influence during […]


The Wandering Minstrels of Corfu

They are the so-called "Kantadori" of Corfu. Or maybe "Troubadours"?

Groups of people dressed in traditional costumes take to the streets and offer unexpected and unique moments of entertainment to […]



The Taste of Greece

Ouzo is synonymous with Greece. In Greece the choice of Ouzos are endless, there are over 300 producers!


Adelia’s Cook Interview

Today we are talking to Corfu Press’s new author, Adelia Cook

” I first fell in love with Greece in 1979 when I visited Athens with my parents. It was our […]

Plants & Flowers

The Corfiot mushrooms

They belong to a group of organisms called FUNGI and have special characteristics.


Traditional Corfiot Products

Corfiot wines have been famous since the time of ancient Greece and Homer with the local vineyards producing excellent wine […]