Would you like to cruise?

Would you like to captain your own boat?

Do you prefer a smaller boat where you won’t need a license?

Whatever your plans or the size of your group, Book my Boat Trip can take care of all your needs.


If you want a laid-back and relaxing experience, Book my Boat Trip offers you a sea cruise with experienced skippers who will introduce you to the deep blue waters and secrets of the Ionian Sea.

You will adore the beautiful coastline, the everchanging scenery, and the concise practical information provided by the local skippers.

Anchoring at magical spots you will be enamored with Corfu’s natural beauty, with the turquoise charms of its waters and if you wish, you can enjoy a meal at a charming seaside taverna.


Those who have a speedboat license can enjoy the absolute freedom of a day stopping, anchoring, and diving wherever desired. The speed and capacity of Book my Boat Trip boats enhances your choice and variety of experiences.

Those without a license, after completing a short lesson at Book my Boat Trip, can rent a boat with a 30hp engine and enjoy a fun-filled day at sea.

Drop anchor at whichever spots you like. Explore the coastal waters, swim, and visit the seaside tavernas. The choice is yours.


Port & Corfu Town

For centuries, the old port of Corfu has been the first contact of visitors to the Old Town of Corfu. The colours, the architecture, and the atmosphere combine to make up one Greece’s most beautiful images.

Set between the two fortresses, the Old Port of Corfu looks like a welcoming Venetian neighborhood.

Wander up the steps of the Metropolitan Cathedral square and lose yourself in the narrow streets of the town. Wander through the little squares and quaint neighbourhoods to arrive at the aristocratic Great Square encompassing the Liston, the Spianada and the British Palace.

Enjoy some food, drinks or homemade ice cream. Back on board the Book My Boat Trip, you will take with you the fondest memories of a trip to remember.

Mesoggi and Moraitika

Travelling along the east coast of Corfu you’ll find Mesoggi and Moraitika. These two seaside villages have beautiful sand beaches, shallow waters and traditional tavernas with local and Mediterranean cuisine.

This area, although it was developed for tourism quite early, retains the authentic colour and identity of Greek summer living.

Choose the sandy beach for your swim, the taverna for your scrumptious seafood lunch and maybe take a walk in the village!


At the southernmost tip of Corfu, Kavos has been a famous destination for years for nightlife, partying till dawn! Despite its intense nightlife, its natural beauty remains unchanged. Kavos has many beautiful beaches with sand and shallow waters, beautiful colours and a particularly beautiful landscape.

Because of the vast tourist development you will find many options for eating and drinking. In Kavos, the summer mood takes off for everyone, necessarily!


It is no coincidence that Paleokastritsa is famous.

Its history, its Monastery of Panagia and its unique natural beauty, established it early on as a ‘must’ summer destination in Corfu. The colours of Paleokastritsa’s sea are the most amazing colours of Corfu, turquoise alternating with green as one unites with the other forming unique, glowing shades.

Between the blue and the green, dozens of rock formations, bays, sandy beaches and caves invite you to discover them and swim in their cool, clear waters.


On the north side of the island, lies beautiful Sidari, one of Corfu’s most popular tourist resorts. Sidari is the most romantic place on the island, often visited by couples in love. There, the sandstone rock formations create interesting passages and shapes and the largest of these has been named Canal d’Amour (Canal of Love) for obvious reasons. Along the coastline, we pass the imposing Peroulades, and the impressive Cape Drastis which like the Canal d’Amour, is formed by sandstone.

The above are just a few of the wonderful spots in Corfu that you can visit with Book My Boat Trip. Wherever you are, and wherever you want to go, a boat is at your disposal from North to South of Corfu, island wide!

Book your next sea excursion online at www.bookmyboattrip.com and make summer memories to last a lifetime.



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Text Composing: Ioannis Yiaslakiotis
Translation - Text Editor: Adelia Cook
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