In the center of Nymfes village, among the picturesque alleys and the traditional houses of the settlement, which are a pole of attraction on their own, you will find the”Botsolo” tsipouradiko.  The name of the shop is the same word used by the locals to describe the ‘noise of the party’, which is a choice that fully represents the situation customers will experience.

Botsolo has been open since last November and immediately “achieved” its goal, which was to revive the village and get the locals out of their homes. The shop has both indoor and outdoor space, with an environment that combines a greek traditional coffee shop with a modern aesthetics.

But this particular tsipouradiko is not limited to selling alcohol, as one can drink anything from greek coffee to freddo coffee (iced coffee), in the house or takeaway, daily from 06:00 am. It should be noted that there is no other shop offering espresso coffee in the village.

Costumers will enjoy rebetiko and greek old folk music during their visit, while Dimitris and Michalis, the owners of the Botsolo, will get you the delicious “mezes” (mezes: foods and snacks consumed alongside an alcoholic beverage), as they pointed out, “you don’t order food here, you just order the drink, and the mezes comes with it”, as it happens in the other areas of Greece. As for the opening hours, there is no need to rush as the shop stays open until 02:00 in the evening.

mezes: foods and snacks consumed alongside an alcoholic beverage

Moreover, the store organizes events with live music by an orchestra on festive occasions.

The dishes served are quality local products, handmade cold cuts and casseroles.
Indicative appetizers include fried dishes, gourmet cheeses such as Roquefort, salads with beetroot, boiled potato or black-eyed peas with fresh bread on the side. Those that stand out are of course the homemade Corfiot nouboulo, the handmade pork neck and the delicious kavourmas.

If you want to combine your visit to Botsolo with some other excursion or activity, then MyKerkyra recommends as options the Waterfalls of Nymfes, the village’s Askitario, one of the oldest Christian monuments of Corfu, or watching the village’s football team “Achilleas Nymfes” in the local football league!


Contact Number: 6970434050

Text Composing: Christos Karidis
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