Its mainly Venetian architecture and the harmonious colours of the houses distinguish Chlomos from all the other villages of the island, and makes it one of the most beautiful villages in Greece.

At an altitude of 270 to 320 metres, one can understand why it has been dubbed the “Balcony of Corfu”. The views are to die for!

Built in the 13th century, surrounding its main square, it is one of the first inhabited villages of Corfu, with a rich history and much speculation about the origin of its name.

It is located in the southeastern part of the island, 31 km from Corfu Town, on the east side of the Morovigli mountain.

Wander the antiquated, cobbled streets and discover the character houses, draped in bougainvillea, with flowerboxes of vibrantly coloured geraniums adorning their patios. Of historic interest is the 15th Century mansion inhabited by Thomas Paleologos, brother of Emperor Constantine Paleologos.

Stroll through the village and discover hidden gems like the “Ionios Anemos Hand Made Products”, the traditional grocery store-cafe in the main square, the little pottery, as well as scattered markets and cafes.

There are a number of delightful, traditional tavernas with delicious Greek and Corfiot specialities, which can be enjoyed while taking in a magnificent vista. “Balis Taverna” is a firm favourite; an exceptional, family run establishment, with Greek hospitality at its best. Traditional dishes include soffrito, stifada, pastitsio, bourdeto, and the Corfiot pastitsada. Not only is their food delicious, they just happen to have one of the best views too.

Its name

At the beginning of the 19th Century, many residents of the village who had come from Lake Korission were plagued by malaria and consequently had ‘pale’ faces. Chlomos means pale in Greek. Others claim that the name comes from “Splonos”, a plant that was used by the inhabitants to catch fish. There are many versions that confuse it with names from various parts of Greece such as “Chlemoutsi”, a castle located in the Peloponnese.

History and sights

Chlomos is a special village with great historical interest. It is one of the first villages of the island with elements to verify that it was inhabited before the Birth of Christ.

In the lateral part of the mountain there are scattered ruins in several places while according to archeological research, in the emblematic ‘Holy Temple of the Most Venerable Brigadiers’, there was an altar dedicated to the god Apollo.

This temple is an attraction for many of the visitors to the island of Corfu, as it has images from the Renaissance and 13th Century frescoes. It is also worth visiting for its absolutely amazing threefold panoramic view i.e. of the southern part of the island, the Mainland, and the middle of Corfu up to the Pantokratoras mountain.

Another amazing bird’s eye view is to be had from the Church of Archangels, on the slope above the village.

More things to do

The entire ‘Listed’ traditional settlement of Chlomos can be seen including the beautiful Boukari Beach to the east. It is a beautiful place of tranquility and serenity.

The wide, panoramic view of the wetland area of Lake Korission on your way to Chlomos, from the western side, is breathtakingly beautiful, with the beach behind it, and the neighbouring villages to either side.

There are many visitors who choose Chlomos as a passage or route to get from Halikounas Beach and Lake Korission on the east coast to the nearby beaches of Boukari, Messonghi, Moraitika or Benitses on the west coast. En route is the Donkey Farm (about 200m from Balis Taverna) where one can make their acquaintance with their friendly equids.

For those who wish to enjoy a predominantly traditional feast, a good time to visit the area is on August 23, where the traditional festival of the celebration of I.N. Driver, of Korission, in Linia takes place.

Text Composing: Marilia Makri
Photography: shutterstock
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