Chouchoulio beach is nestled next to the port of Kouloura, it is certainly one of those places on the island of Corfu that can offer peace and relaxation to the visitor even during the busy summer months.

A beautiful backdrop of nature, without human intervention in which shade is provided, by the intense rays of the sun, thanks to the tall trees that are mainly eucalyptus.

The sea at this point is always calm since this bay does not have strong winds.

Its pebbles, gravel and rich seabed challenge all aquatic enthusiasts to look at its seabed and notice the little fishes swimming even with a simple mask.

From the surface you can see the peculiarities of the seabed as well as small fish and if you are lucky you can see even octopuses and crabs in the darkest parts between the stones.

Chouchoulio beach is usually visited by those staying around the area of ​​Kalami which is a few minutes away by feet.

The beach is not organized  and many of the visitors arrive by boat to reach the beautiful small pier to moor.

This place is definitely worth visiting during the fall and even in the winter, for its natural beauty and serene landscape.

Photography: Αλέξανδρος Μελίδης
Text Composing: Μαρίλια Μακρή
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