Among the most beautiful routes in the center of the old town of Corfu, there are details that will captivate your interest. The churches with their own history and their unique architectural buildings can certainly give us a lot of information about the history of the island and the every day life of the citizens that lived in the area.

If you walk through the alley of “Palia Psaradika” as the locals call it, or as you have passed Liston and you are walking towards the area “Spilia” you will find the church of St. Basil and St. Stephen in a corner. The church is estimated to have been built in the late 16th century.

The church is dedicated to Saint Basil and the first martyr Stephen.
A phrase connects the church with its history,“CALE DEI CALEGHERI , SAN BASILIO E FABRICHE NUOVE”, a phrase that indicates the connection of the church with the shoemakers’ guild to which it belonged.


For years this church had a strong parish participation and good financial surface. It is characterized by its rich decoration of images and stands out for its luxurious stalls made of “mogano”, a luxurious kind of wood.
The measurable property of the church is large as in the past it was customary for the childless families of shoemakers to leave estates and fields in the church, as a sign of their eternal faith in God.
In addition, the income of the church came from the cultivated fields in the countryside with vines and olives. The properties, houses and shops were scattered in Corfu while among them is the house of our national composer, Nikolaos Mantzaros.

If you are in the old town it is worth visiting the church of Agios Vassilios, while nearby are the Church of Agios Spyridon and the Church of Panagia ton Xenon.


Tsantaridis, Giannis “The history of Corfu” 2nd edition 2003, Agios Vassilios p. 224

Photography: Alexandra Voulgari
Text Composing: Marilia Makri
Translation - Text Editor: Marilia Makri
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