With their state-of -the-art fleet and experienced skippers, they guarantees extremely memorable trips in the beautiful Ionian Sea and the emblematic areas of the island of Corfu, as well as in the surrounding areas.

Providing high quality service on every trip, Contessa Yachting enables you to explore the Ionian Islands accompanied by your favourite coffee, a variety of wines and snacks ensuring your sailing trip is nothing short of unforgettable.

If, as you are sailing the blue waters of the Ionian, you wish to get your adrenaline pumping, Contessa Yachting is the first to offer a wealth of marine activities along with your cruise, making it anything but insignificant!

Your trip will prove to be the ultimate summer experience; as you sail beside dolphins, before dreamlike landscapes; exploring magical caves taken from a mythological epic or traveling to the surrounding areas embraced by the crystalline waters of the Ionian.

Cruise around the city of Corfu by Contessa Yachting

What better way to start your Corfu holiday than with a walk around its beautiful town? Travel from one end to the other, passing the landmark Old Fortress, along Garitsa bay to the lovely Windmill. See the most talked about areas of Corfu and get to swim at the picture-perfect beaches of Vidos.

Admire the stately and historic architecture of the Old Town of Corfu while exploring the best attractions in the heart of the town, all away from the hustle and bustle of the city, in the clear blue waters of the Ionian Sea, with your preferred glass of wine in hand. Discover the famous Pontikonisi and Vidos islands, located just opposite the shores of Old Town. Pass the verdant gardens of the Mon Repos palace and stop for a delicious meal in Benitses, a unique seaside village.

Contessa Yachting Cruise to Paxos, Sivota and Parga

Travel with Contessa beyond the shores of Corfu. Explore the island of Paxos with its pristine beaches and dive, with Contessa’s equipment, in the turquoise waters of the Blue Caves. Swim in the Sivota Pool, where the special and always unique colours of the water never ceases to impress! The Venetian Castle at the top of the hill of Parga, a historical landmark dating back to the 15th century, which captures the eye even today, will certainly not go unmissed.

Cruise to Prevesa and Lefkada

In the Greek hinterland is Preveza with its fantastic beaches and many admirable sights such as the famed Mount Zalongou or the Castle of Pantakrator. Your journey along the coastline of Preveza will end at picturesque Lefkada, where you will enjoy, up close, famous beaches such as Porto Katsiki and Kathisma. You will take a walk in the city of Lefkada, where you will have the opportunity to try new flavours and have fun like never before. This multi-day trip offered by Contessa is the best opportunity to enjoy the Ionian Sea, while exploring the surrounding areas of one of the most important islands of this Sea.

Cruise to Kefalonia and Ithaca

If you want to enrich your vacation with a dose of magic, coming from the depths of mythology, then this multi-day cruise is the ideal choice. Travel to the island of the famous Ulysses I.e Ithaca and the neighbouring island of Kefalonia, each offering distinctive scenery and exceptional experiences to appreciate. Contessa Yachting makes sure that your cruise lasts long enough to absorb all the beauty of the islands and have a fabulous time exploring them.

Sunset cruise around the Old Town

What could be better than ending the day with a romantic sail around the Old Town with your preferred wine and tasty nibbles on Contessa’s magnificent yacht, making it a truly indelible event.

Activities from Contessa Yachting

In addition to the multitude of cruises offered by Contessa Yachting, you also have the opportunity to rent a state-of-the-art yacht, with or without a skipper, so that you can travel to unique places, only accessible from the sea, with the possibility of staying overnight on the yacht for a complete maritime experience. Beyond that, Contessa gives you the opportunity to have fun and get your adrenaline pumping with numerous activities during your travel on land, sea and air!


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