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    Central Corfu

    Pentati Village and Fieroula Beach

    Exploring Corfu's Hidden Gems

    Corfu, the enchanting Greek island in the Ionian Sea, is celebrated for its vibrant culture, historic sites, and stunning beaches. […]

    BeachesCentral Corfu

    Escape to Serenity at Mavrogouli Beach

    Just when you think you’ve seen it all in Corfu, a new paradise emerges: Mavrogouli beach.

    BeachesCentral CorfuLiapades


    Dive into paradise

    Discover Stelari, one of the most impressive beaches of the North-West coast of the island.

    BeachesSouth Corfu

    Agios Nikolaos Skala beach

    Agios Nikolaos Skala beach, near Lake Korission. The former base of the local fishermen with an inaccessible road and beautiful […]

    North CorfuOld Peritheia

    Saint Spyridon of Peritheia

    Calm crystal clear waters next to the Antinioti lagoon

    Saint Spyridon of Peritheia, a beach hidden in the northern part of the island…

    BeachesCentral CorfuLiapades


    The dreamy beach in the area of ​​Liapades

    Emerald crystal clear waters and white pebbles, in the dream of one of the most beautiful beaches of Corfu, Rovinia.

    BeachesSouth CorfuKritika

    Megas Choros

    The beach of mythical beauty in southern Corfu

    Megas Choros beach is one of the biggest south west-coast beaches in Corfu.


    The 5 top pebble beaches of the island!

    Which do you choose? Sandy beach or pebbles? “Sand or stones?”. Find here the 5 top pebble beaches on the […]

    BeachesCentral CorfuPelekas


    The small exotic beach of the west coast

    The quiet beach with the special exotic landscape is near the bustling Kontogyalos beach.

    BeachesNorth CorfuKassiopi


    The quiet and windless beach of Kassiopi

    Imerolia beach is ideal for those wishing to get away from the madding crowds and noise.

    BeachesNorth CorfuKassiopi


    The central, cosmopolitan and popular beach of Kassiopi

    Kalamionas beach, in the resort of Kassiopi, is the ideal choice for a short swim or quick dip.

    BeachesNorth CorfuKassiopi

    Kanoni beach

    On the most hospitable rocks of the island…

    One of the most special beaches of Kassiopi is waiting for you to discover it!

    BeachesSouth Corfu

    Santa Barbara beach

    Among the endless golden beaches of Corfu, Santa Barbara beach is another reason to explore the southern part of the […]

    BeachesCentral CorfuGlyfada


    The naked charm of the West Coast

    Myrtiotissa was described by British writer, Lawrence Durrell, as “the most beautiful beach in the world”!

    BeachesNorth CorfuSiniesKerasia


    The emerald of the northeast coastline

    Crystal blue-green waters, a lush landscape abundant with trees and white pebbled beaches compose an idyllic panorama for those who […]

    BeachesNorth CorfuPeroulades


    The cape, a work of art hidden in Peroulades

    Discover Cape Drastis the beautiful landscape of natural formations with scattered islets and clear blue, transparent waters!

    BeachesNorth CorfuGimari


    Unparalleled natural beauty and a meal on the beach

    Carved into the northeast coast of the island, Agni stands out for the unique natural environment and the calm and […]

    BeachesCentral CorfuGiannades


    The beach that brings you one step closer to paradise

    Totally unmarred by any tourist infrastructure and ideal for relaxation and tranquility, Giali is an exotic, hidden paradise on the […]

    BeachesNorth CorfuSiniesAvlaki


    The "wild" pebble beach of the northeast coast

    Turquoise waters and large pebbles reflect the sun creating a landscape bathed in light.

    BeachesSouth Corfu


    The beautiful, peaceful Kanouli beach, an ideal destination for those seeking tranquility located on the southwest coast of Corfu.

    BeachesNorth CorfuKassiopi


    The diamond beach of Kassiopi

    One of the most beautiful beaches in the area and is a very popular destination for visitors.

    BeachesSouth Corfu


    The incomparable wild beauty of Arkoudilas beach in southern Corfu and everything that makes it unique for every visitor.

    BeachesNorth CorfuOld Peritheia

    Kalamaki – Apraos

    Shallow water, white shore and fun on the sand!

    Next to the most popular areas of the North of Corfu, Kassiopi and Acharavi, you will find a quiet beach, […]

    BeachesNorth CorfuKassiopi


    The beach with rugged beauty below the green slopes in Kassiopi

    Bataria beach is hidden in a bay separated from the undulating, stony slopes by shiny white pebbles that line the […]

    SightseeingCorfu TownMon Repo


    Magical escape in the heart of Mon Repo

    “…and any stranger that wet his lips there, he will never return to his paternal land!” Lorentzos Mavilis, 1896 Discover […]

    BeachesNorth CorfuKalami

    Chouchoulio Beach

    One of the unknown beauties of Corfu

    Chouchoulio beach, a landscape blessed by nature with tall trees and a rich seabed.

    BeachesSouth Corfu


    The sandy beach of Paramonas, an ideal destination for relaxation and family moments.

    BeachesCentral CorfuLiapades

    The enchanting Paradise beach “Chomoi” at Liapades

    No one can deny the fact that the name “Paradise” can describe the crystal clear waters, the rocky formations and […]

    Central Corfu


    An oasis of calm and beauty in one of the elite areas of Corfu

    Kommeno is one of the most popular areas of the island where the holiday homes of many local and foreign, […]

    North Corfu


    Τhe ideal destination with unique natural beauty and crystal clear waters

    Nissaki is a quiet, seaside village, built in one of the most beautiful areas, on the northeast side of Corfu.

    South Corfu

    Saint George of Argyrades

    The touristic resort with the award-winning Blue Flag sandy beach

    A beloved summer destination for locals and visitors, Saint George of Argyrades – Agios Georgios, provides more than enough to […]

    Central Corfu


    The popular tourist resort with the homonymous marina

    Gouvia is a modern, small and comprehensive village a short 8 km distance from the city of Corfu, equipped to […]

    BeachesCentral Corfu

    Glyfada beach

    The popular beach with its' fine golden sand

    The cosmopolitan beach of Glyfada with its golden, sandy beach, crystalline waters and beautiful landscape is situated on the west […]

    BeachesCentral CorfuPelekas


    Summer moments on the endless sandy beach

    With the endless sandy beach and the crystal clear waters, once loved by the hippies and loved by all of […]

    North Corfu

    Agios Georgios Pagon

    Τhe peaceful bay in Northern Corfu

    A coastal settlement on the island of Corfu, a spectacularly beautiful bay that forms a huge horseshoe shape, framed by […]

    Central Corfu


    One of the most organized and oldest tourist resorts in Corfu

    The tourist area of Dassia is one of the most popular destinations on Corfu and extends over the homonymous beach […]

    BeachesCorfu TownMon Repo

    Mon Repos beach

    A dive back in time

    From the famous Mon Repo, to the beach with the colors of the trees that will cool you down and […]

    BeachesNorth CorfuKassiopi

    Top 5 beaches of Kassiopi

    5 enchanting beaches with crystal clear waters

    Unique, beautiful and all different, these are the top 5 beaches of Kassiopi beaches that are worth visiting on your […]

    North CorfuSinies

    Agios Stefanos Sinion

    A luxury resort on the northeast side of Corfu

    Agios Stefanos Sinion is a traditional fishing village with a picturesque harbour nestled in a stunningly prolific area.

    BeachesCorfu TownOld Town


    Swimming with a view of the Old Fortress

    Located below Old Corfu Town, Faliraki has one of the loveliest views of the Old Fortress.

    BeachesCentral CorfuIpsos

    Ipsos beach

    The ideal choice for summer dives and fun

    Ipsos one of the most developed tourist areas of the island. Its touristic facilities and details that reminiscent of an […]

    North Corfu


    Τhe village on the golden beach

    Between the areas of Agios Stefanos Avlioton and Agios Georgios Pagon the coastal settlement of Arillas, with its renowned and […]

    North Corfu


    Diving in the turquoise waters of Barbati beach

    The beauty of the green Greek landscape meets the blue of the Ionian Sea at Barbati.

    North Corfu


    Escape to a magical picturesque bay

    The village of Kalami, on the northeastern side of Corfu is an absolutely ideal destination for escape from everyday life, […]

    BeachesNorth CorfuSiniesAgios Stefanos Sinion

    Erimitis beach

    A miracle of nature

    If you do not believe in miracles, here you will change your mind, an amazing masterpiece of nature spreads along […]

    BeachesSouth CorfuVitalades

    Gardenos Beach

    the river between the endless sandy beach

    From its river to the vast sandy beach, Gardenos beach will host your idyllic or family moments.

    Central Corfu

    Agios Ioannis Peristeron Beach

    For those looking for a quiet, tranquil setting away from bustling resorts and madding crowds, Agios Ioannis Peristeron Beach is […]

    BeachesCentral CorfuBenitses

    Benitses Beach

    The beach loved by the Emperor William II

    Benitses Beach is the favorite beach of Emperor Wilhelm II, also known as Kaiser.

    BeachesSouth CorfuKavos

    Kavos beach

    Undoubtedly the nightlife capital and busiest, party destination on the island of Corfu.

    South Corfu


    The beach of Marathias undoubtedly has it all! This long, wide, sandy beach has crystal clear waters and fun activities, […]

    BeachesNorth CorfuAfionas

    Porto Timoni

    The exotic double beaches with the amazing, crystal clear waters

    The two beaches of Porto Timoni are a unique creation of nature. Both are equally beautiful and reaching Porto Timoni […]

    BeachesNorth CorfuAgios Stefanos Avlioton

    Agios Stefanos Avlioton beach

    The long sandy beach with the turquoise waters and the various facilities that are provided are some of the reasons […]

    BeachesNorth CorfuPeroulades

    Loggas beach

    A fairytale landscape with a narrow beach of fine sand, towered over by the peculiar limestone rocks, explore the beauty […]

    BeachesNorth CorfuPeroulades

    Canal D’amour

    A special masterpiece of nature.

    Canal D’amour, headlined worldwide as one of the most popular tourist attractions on Corfu! Its clay deposits, from the sandstone […]

    BeachesSouth Corfu

    Issos beach

    The famous dunes at the Southwest coast of Corfu

    An experience that will enchant you, the beautiful sandy beach and the unique dunes as well as the refreshing water […]

    North CorfuAgios Stefanos Avlioton

    Agios Stefanos Avlioton

    The small seaside village with its golden sandy beach

    Agios Stefanos Avlioton is an ideal choice for those looking for a quiet, relaxing holiday

    BeachesSouth CorfuKorission Lagoon


    A golden paradise on the southwest coast of Corfu

    Nature has blessed this area with a vast expanse of golden sand beside the great waves of the sea, while […]

    BeachesNorth CorfuPaleokastritsa

    Top 6 beautiful beaches of Paleokastritsa

    These are the Top 6 beautiful beaches of Paleokastritsa that will definitely enchant you!

    LakesSouth CorfuKorission Lagoon

    Korission Lagoon

    Korission Lagoon is a wetland area, amazing treasure of nature, with Chalikounas beach on its west bank and the amazing […]

    BeachesNorth CorfuPaleokastritsa

    Limni beach

    The wild beauty of an unexplored paradise

    Two beautiful beaches, one name! Explore Limni beach, an oasis of wild beauty, where the two beaches are connected to […]

    Central Corfu


    From the Homeric references on your map for exploration

    Discover Ermones… Green rock formations, crystal clear waters, fine sand and pebbles, in a literally mythical landscape.

    BeachesCentral Corfu

    Agios Gordios

    The enchanting combination of the imposing, green, mountain backdrop and azure waters rank Agios Gordios amongst the favorite summer destinations.

    BeachesSouth Corfu

    The endless sandy beaches of Southwestern Corfu

    Discover the beautiful sandy beaches of southwestern Corfu. Admire the unique landscapes of Halikounas, Marathias and all of the destinations […]