Underwater life

South Corfu

Korission Lagoon

The Korission wetland area is an amazing treasure of nature, with Halikounas beach on its west bank and the amazing […]


Erimitis beach

A miracle of nature

If you do not believe in miracles, here you will change your mind, an amazing masterpiece of nature spreads along […]


The frog of Corfiot wetlands

The island of Corfu, due to the frequent rains, has a number of small wetlands that host many organisms, both […]

Underwater life

Gaitanouri (Thalassoma pavo)

Well...it is not tropical

Gaitanouri is one of the most beautiful fish in our country, so impressive that it is easier to believe that […]


The European Pond Turtle

A water turtle that adorns the Corfiot wetlands

It is called a swamp turtle or pond turtle because of the characteristic patterns it carries on its body.

Underwater life


This special and unique decapod

These are the crabs that move sideways!

Underwater life


The smile of the sea

Dolphins are among the most intelligent animals on the planet.

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The sea turtle caretta caretta

Frequently found at the western sandy beaches and eastern coasts of the island

The loggerhead turtle is an endangered species protected by the International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN).

Underwater life

Sea Anemone

A special kind of animal

Sea anemones are a group of coelenterate polyps whose shape is similar to a flower.

Underwater life

Salema Porgy

Sarpa salpa

It lives in the same areas as bogues as well as in shallow waters among sea weeds.

Underwater life

Lithophaga lithophaga

A endolithic bivalve that lives in the Corfu seabed

Although it is considered a delicious food, in recent years, its consumption has been banned as it is considered an […]


Alykes Leykimmis

A historical, folkloric and industrial monument. Alykes Lefkimmis, a magnificent wetland, where they used to gather the salt.