Corfu Brewery was founded in 2006 on Corfu, in the beautiful area of ​​Arillas in the northwestern part of the island.

The company’s goal is to invest in innovative products with respect to the traditions and culture of the island. Their vision is to excel in the business, social and cultural work they have undertaken while always following the values ​​of the company, such as innovation, quality, experience, tradition and pride for being Corfiot.

Its mission is to shape the values ​​of the new era, an era characterized by development, passion and creation. Its purpose is to preserve its vision and mission with a humanistic approach. Taking a risk, to produce innovative products giving value and pride to its fellow citizens but also offering unique hospitality through its proposals to the visitors of the island.

The creation of a new revolutionary product

The products created all these years give prestige and social value to the consumer himself and remain a unique project for the Greek market.

Fresh beer with a short shelf life is kept exclusively in refrigerators with a production date so that the consumer can see when it was produced and not just when it expires.

Fresh beer without stabilization, without pasteurization...

Corfu beer managed to create a fresh (live) product without pasteurization, stabilization and for the most part without filtering, which makes the product special compared to the commercial beers of the trade.

The result is that its consumption has the advantage of providing important nutrients to our body, such as protein from cereals, antioxidants from hops and the B-complex of vitamins contained in yeast.

Product quality control

Corfu Brewery has strict quality assurance determining that quality controls are carried out daily at all stages of production and in the final product. Ensuring a quality product necessitates an integrated system of production, control, management, distribution and preservation of products.

The specialized staff, the special facilities and the constant supervision in the transport and storage of the products are a serious investment of the company to guarantee that the product reaches the consumer fresh, so that he can enjoy all the benefits and nutrients of Corfiot beer.

Τα προϊόντα της Corfu beer

Corfu Beer Collection

  • Corfu Beer Collection Red Ale – Special Red frothy, sterile, caramelized malt beer. With yeasts that contain fruity aromas. Produced with the philosophy of Real Ale.
  • Bitter Dark Ale – Dark, fermented and sterile beer where roasted barley, hops and yeast give intense character and pleasant bitterness. Leaving flavour and aromas of chocolate, caramel and coffee.
  • Ionian Pilsner  – Blonde crystal beer with full body, rich hops aroma, balanced taste and pleasant aftertaste.
  • Amorosa Weiss – When cereals (wheat, barley) join forces, a journey of flavours and aromas begins, with cloves, bananas and vanilla. A delicious experience that will surely become your AMOROSA.
  • Epos – According to Homer, in the epic “Odyssey”, the King of the Phaeacians, Alcinous kept in silver and gold crates “barley wine”… 3000 years later… the Corfu Brewery creates a double fermentation beer with the addition of pure flower honey.
  • I.P.A  – A beer with a strong character, full body, strong aroma of citrus and tropical fruits, with a pleasant, bitterness and fruity aftertaste.
  • Corfu Beer Lager  – Experience the freshness of Lager, with its bright golden colour, subtle aroma, delicate taste, light body, bottom-fermented and sterile with  4 different barley malts and selected hops.

Royal Ionian Collection

  • Radler –  When the beer meets the lemon an irresistible combination is created. It contains only 2% alcohol and has a naturally blurred appearance due to the mixing of beer with lemon juice. A refreshing and reviltalizing experience in your glass!
  • Ginger Ale Lemon –  A subversive, non-alcoholic, carbonated drink from natural lemon juice and ginger creates a complex pattern between ice and fire, which will offer you an exciting sensation of coolness!
  • Ginger Ale Orange & Cinnamon – An innovative, non-alcoholic, carbonated drink with an explosive combination of top natural ingredients: orange juice, cinnamon and ginger. A wonderful harmony of flavours and aromas.
  • Pink Grapefruit & Bergamot – The female proposal of Corfu brewery, a unique, non-alcoholic, carbonated beverage, without added sugar for regret-free enjoyment. Combines pink grapefruit juice and bergamot aroma.

Corfu Beer Festival

Corfu Beer Festival is a great celebration of beer, gastronomy, fun, experience and know-how; a substantial cultural and social event on the island of Corfu. It is not just a beer festival. It is a significant meeting place between people, cultures and products. Vision, dream and passion united a small group of people. So, in 2013 the Corfu Beer Festival took place and the dream came true. The Festival is an annual event which has now become an institution. It lasts 5 days with free admission. It narrates the past, harmonizes with the present and builds the future.

Our mission is to operate as a means of increasing the level of tourism and the tourism industry in September in Corfu. To be an opportunity to start new business activities on the island. To highlight the local activity and local production. Our vision is to expand the summer tourist season in Corfu, thus wanting to contribute to the local economic empowerment of our island. The festival contributes en masse to the expansion of the tourist season on the island, successfully gathering thousands of like-minded people every year.

In 2019, more than 25,000 people were registered. Every year we host different countries and breweries from all over Europe. We are building a beer history by creating, exclusively, beers for the Corfu Beer Festival, with 4 guest breweries from different countries each year. A meeting of two cultures that aims to show the culture of the two countries and strengthen their ties. Host countries were Bavaria, United Kingdom, Italy, Czech Republic and the Netherlands. All guests can try local flavours, traditional dishes and buy local products. At least 10 different local chefs attend the festival and not only ones with well-known cuisines.

In 2019, sixty-five companies participated collectively in this event, proving that society and the entrepreneurship of our island, together, can make a difference. Big names from the art world presided in the evenings. On the music scene at Corfu Beer Festival, apart from the exceptional bands and artists from Greece and abroad, which provided us with unique moments with their individual concerts, there was never a lack of dance ensembles with dozens of dancers, who impressed the visitors, leaving the best impressions.


Corfu beer

Corfu beer festival

Text Editor: Marilia Makri
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