Mountain running and mountain races have grown in popularity by leaps and bounds in recent years in our country. Numerous events over all distances,  all types of terrain and at various times of the year have met the requirements of all participants.

The appeal to the athletic community is huge and it could not be otherwise since this activity offers adventure, improves endurance and strength, increases performance and puts one in touch with nature.

The geomorphological characteristics, the diversity of Corfu’s natural environment and the mild climate of the island during the winter months were instrumental in the formation of the organization of the CORFU MOUNTAIN TRAIL and reasons why the race has such appeal.

A group of perennial runners (Alamanos Vassilis, Arkoudis Prokopis, the “airless” Psailas Giorgos, Aravantinos Yiannis, Alekopoulos Savvas, Biskos Theodoros, Vinou Hera, Jean Paul Gutorb, Fagogenis Nikos, Spyros Bouzis, Porphyris Aristotelis) edited, supported and promoted the original idea of ​​organizing the 1st Corfu Mountain Trail so that it becomes a reality on February 5, 2012 with the organizational-sports support of the Associations that represent: ASSOCIATION OF VETERAN ATHLETES OF ATHLETICS (SEVAS) CORFU “VIKTOR” & CORFU TRACKS “ARCHILOCHOS”.

The race routes were a training ground for the Corfu mountain athletes.

Corfu Mountain Trail, from conception to implementation

The founders;  Vassilis, Jean Paul, Prokopis and Spyros used to meet on Sunday in the area of ​​Middle Corfu for training as part of their preparation for their participation in a mountain race of either pan-Hellenic or international scope.

The initial group soon expanded as more and more fellow athletes joined them for the experience of mountain running. The mountain of Agii Deka became their training ground due to its diverse terrain, offering many alternative routes via this part of the Central Corfu hinterland with its abundance of Mediterranean vegetation.

This is how the idea of ​​organizing two routes gradually began to mature:


Corfu has the advantage of not having extreme weather conditions including snowfall, an element that favours the running of mountain roads so that the island attracts runners from the rest of the country in the heart of winter.

When Vassilis Alamanos presented his idea in October 2011, the first organizational nucleus was formed. The routing of the Corfu Mountain Trail starting and ending at the coastal village of Benitses connects traditional villages and settlements such as Benitses, Gastouri, Agii Deka, Ano Garounas and Stavros.

Long-distance runner Giorgos Psailas, with many years of experience in participation and events management, along with fellow athletes, Haris Vassilakis and Dafa Kosmas, contributed in opening the paths of the running route.

Simultaneously, the athletes from Corfu began to familiarize themselves with the routes of the Corfu Mountain Trail.

On an almost daily basis, groups are formed that ascend the mountain either by running the routes in their entirety or part thereof. There are also quite a few of our fellow citizens who enjoy walking the 17km route (OLIVE TREE TRAIL).

Corfu Old Town Trail, from mountain to town

The Corfu Old Town Trail is the urban version, a race held every year at the end of the tourist season (September-October) of 14km and 7km respectively. The starting point of the race is in Liston Square and follows a route passing the two fortresses of Corfu, as well as the two palaces, namely the palace of St Michael and St George (home to the Asiatic Art Museum) and Mon Repo palace.

Specifically, after the start, the race passes through its Plakada Giacomo, the Duomo, the historic neighborhood of Porta Remunda. Next comes Paleopolis, Garitsa, the Old Fortress, Bosketo, Campiello and finally Pinia. After this winding route between UNESCO World Heritage sites, the race ends at the famous Liston, a landmark of the historic city centre.

Around 500 athletes participate in the Corfu Old Town Trail annually with the first event having taken place in 2014.

Are you ready to experience the charm of the mountain and strengthen your body and mind? Do you want to participate in a race that reaches every corner of the city and also of the island, connected to tourism and ancient culture? If not, at least enjoy a walk along the paths that cut through the Corfu nature… it is beneficial, both for physical and mental health.

Corfu Mountain Trail

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Corfu Mountail Trail,

Text Composing: Ada Kiriazi
Photography: Corfu Mountain Trail
Translation - Text Editor: Adelia Cook
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