The diverse island of Corfu is full of wonderful attractions that are worth exploring! Corfu Way T.S has selected the best locations through their organized guided tours.

They cater for the specific needs of visitors to ensure that they relax, have fun and enjoy, to the fullest, the flavours, images and colours that typify the island of Corfu. Corfu Way T.S’s attention to detail makes the difference!

The luxury mini vans are designed to make the experience special! With safety, comfort and in luxury they provide experiences that will exceed expectations and create memories that last forever.

The staff of Corfu Way T.S are extremely knowledgeable about the island and will gladly give additional historical and other relevant information. Pick up can be arranged to and from the airport, or from rental accommodation or hotels and tours can be customized to suit individual needs.

They have created excursion packages ideal for those looking for relaxation, adventure, a complete gastronomic trip, a historical tour, an adventure in water sports, a cosmopolitan walk… and so much more to ensure a unique vacation!


Who would be unmoved when presented with the stunningly beautiful views of the crystal clear waters of the beaches of Paleokastritsa?

This popular area of ​​the island of Corfu is ideal for swimming, savouring traditional Corfiot dishes at the local restaurants or tavernas or even for enjoying a refreshing cocktail beside the sea.

For lovers of panoramic landscapes, the view from the orderly monastery of Paleokastritsa with the vibrant colours of the surrounding nature is definitely worth seeing. The two traditional, picturesque villages of Lakones and Krini, have equally beautiful outlooks.

The tour ends at one of the most important and oldest Byzantine castles in Greece; the famous Angelokastro.

AchilleionKanoniLazaris Distillery and Artisan Sweets

The famous Achilleion Palace, named after Achilles, was built for Elizabeth, also known as Sissi, the Empress of Austria. Perched on the crest of the mountain it has some of the most scenic views of the island. It is adorned with a fresco and numerous paintings and also has a bronze statue of the ‘dying Achilles’ as a focal point in the lush gardens. Both the Palace and the abundant grounds have a copious amount of sculptures.

The palace was Elizabeth’s summer refuge until 1896. It was sold in 1907 to Keiser Wilhelm II who utilized it as a summer residence until the outbreak of World War 1 in 1914. It functioned as a military hospital during the war years and then as an orphanage from 1921 to 1924. In 1962 it became a casino and the scenes in the 007 movie “For Your Eyes Only” with Roger Moore were shot in the casino and on the palace balcony. Step back in time with a tour of this magnificent architectural and historical masterpiece!

Just two kilometres from the current centre of Old Corfu Town is the historic Kanoni area, which in the past was part of the city of Paleopolis, the ancient centre of Corfu. The area of ​​Kanoni contains a very important and much photographed and recognized, iconic tourist attraction; Vlacherna monastery. Adjacent to it is the picturesque, diminutive island of Pontikonisi. Continuing up the verdant hill on which Kanoni is built one will be suitably impressed by the view.  This is a great place for taking impressive photos and videos as the planes approaching the runway come in very low preparing for landing.

A visit to the Lazaris Distillery and Artisan Sweets, at their factory showroom, reveals the most beautiful traditional products of Corfu. Alcoholic beverages include the Corfiot kumquat and limoncello liqueurs, ouzo, tsipouro and vodka. Other products available are jams, marmalades and preserves. Artisan sweets like fig pie, spoon sweets, Greek delight, caramelized almonds and nougat are beautifully packaged and sold for visitors to take home as gifts or as a memento of their visit.

Excursion to the most beautiful beaches

Choose between the cosmopolitan beach of Glyfada on the rugged west coast, the pebble beach of Barbati on the east or the sandy, seemingly endless golden beach of Marathias in the southern part of the island.

Tour of the impressive landscapes of northern Corfu.

Beautiful beaches with emerald waters surrounded by lush, green vegetation characterize this area of the island of Corfu. Then there is also the Canal D’amour or “Canal of Love”, as it is called, with its white, carved, sandstone rocks and crystalline blue waters, being one of the most talked about Corfiot resorts in the world. Enjoy a refreshing drink at Loggas Beach with its idyllic scenery, panoramic views and amazing sunsets which impress even the most discerning travelers. Dine in Acharavi and do not miss the opportunity to take photos in the picturesque ports of Kassiopi and Kouloura.

Private tour of the streets of the old town

Visit the two fortresses built to protect the city. Walk through the famous narrow streets of the cantonments of the old town and visit the church of Agios Spyridon, the patron saint of the island of Corfu. The largest square in southeastern Europe, Spianada Square has many tourist attractions, such as the Metland peristyle. Have a drink at the city’s trademark “Liston”, as the nobles once did.

Visit the Palace of Saint Michael and Saint George, which houses the extensive Museum of Asian Art, and walk to the Palace Garden or “Garden of the People” as the locals call it. Taste the traditional Corfiot dishes, such as pastitsada, sofrito, burdeto etc. and buy souvenirs from the local market but also local products such as kumquat, ouzo, honey, wine and olive oil – mementos of your memorable vacation on Corfu.

Unforgettable tour of Meteora

Meteora is located in central Greece and rightfully belongs to the list of the most beautiful locations in the country. Meteora, the “Monastic City of Rocks” is a sanctified region with sandstone rock columns of up to 400 metres in height. These natural rock pillars and also gigantic rounded boulders dominate the entire area. Meteora was declared ‘holy ground’ in 1995 and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. There were initially twenty four monasteries. Six are open to the public namely Grand Meteoron, Agios Stefanos, Varlaam, Holy Trinity, St. Barbara and St. Nicholas Anapafsas. Regardless of which you get to visit you will be awed. No two are alike….


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