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    Winter in CorfuCorfu Town

    Corfu at Christmas

    Events and traditions

    Christmas is a very beautiful time for Corfu. It contains the sweetness of the past, lots of sparkle and liveliness, […]

    8 + 1 Accommodations for Winter Holidays in Corfu

    So, how is the island of the Phaeacians in winter?

    Corfu loves winter, and winter, in turn, adores it.


    Holidays in Corfu during winter

    Experience the beauty of both the city and the countryside during winter

    Sometimes people think that summer destinations in winter are “sleeping” and that residents are just waiting for the next summer […]

    Digital Nomads InfoCorfu TownCentre

    Silicon Urban Ecosystem

    Discover a paradise for digital nomads in the heart of Corfu!

    Silicon, the new, stylish, functional co-working space with unbeatable internet speed is waiting for you!

    Corfu TownCentre

    54 Dreamy Nights και Cabal

    The top nightlife in Corfu and Greece

    Wear your biggest smile, your best mood and have fun!!!

    Corfu TownGaritsa

    Scheria Restaurant at Corfu Palace Hotel

    Untouched classic Corfiot elegance in the heart of town

    There are places in Corfu where the famous allure of the cosmopolitan island remains untouched. The Scheria restaurant at the […]

    Corfu TownPezodromos


    Accompany your coffee or beverage with delicious cuisine prepared with locally produced Greek, products. Moskera offers you an amazing culinary […]

    Central CorfuThe Whole City

    Dr. Kavvadia Farm

    Visit Dr. Kavvadia's farm for a unique experience in taste and aroma!
    EntertainmentOld Town

    7 cozy cafés for a special winter afternoon

    Aromas, welcoming atmosphere and a friendly environment, these are the 7 best cozy cafes for a special winter afternoon in […]

    The Whole City

    Hiking and Mountaineering Association of Corfu

    Discover every hidden corner of the island and become one with nature

    The purpose of the Hiking and Mountaineering Association of Corfu is, among other things, the systematic cultivation and dissemination of […]

    ParkingCorfu TownCentre

    Parking Corfu 1 & 2


    Kathigiti Aristoteli Sidari Ioanni Theotoki 59, 6944175902

    ParkingCorfu TownCentre

    Roi Mat Πάρκινγκ


    A. Marmora & A. Dendrinou, 2661035875

    ParkingCorfu TownThe Whole CityCentre

    KOISPE Neoi Orizontes Parking


    Nikou Morou Fee.

    ParkingCorfu TownThe Whole CityCentre

    Parking Palio Monopolio


    Katinas Pappa 6

    ParkingCorfu TownThe Whole City

    Parking 89


    Donatou Dimoulitsa 89, 6974793525 2 euro/day

    ParkingCorfu TownThe Whole CityCentre

    Parking Saroko


    Plateia Psichiatreiou, Polichroniou Konstanta & G. Lichnou, 6981686068  

    ParkingCorfu TownThe Whole CityOld Town

    Parking Pano Plateia – Spianada


    Small fee.

    Corfu TownCentre

    In Action

    Alikes Potamou, 2661080900
    Corfu TownMarina GouvionMessonghi

    Hellenic Cricket Federation

    2661036560, contact@cricket.gr


    Travel AgenciesCorfu TownCentre

    My Corfu Travel

    2nd Parodos Alexandrou Panagouli, 6975559373, 6936611700
    Corfu TownCentre

    Taverna Massa

    Mantouki, 2661080889
    Apartments / B&BCorfu TownCentre

    Eutuxia House

    Angelou Konti 30, 6907104300
    Apartments / B&BCorfu TownCentre

    Ideal House in Corfu Town

    Centre, 6943527372
    Corfu TownCentre


    Coffee and Resto

    Ethniki Palaiokastritsas 9, 2661305343

    Corfu TownCentre

    Al Dente

    Pizzeria - Ristorante

    3o klm Ethnikis Leukimis, 2661020205

    Corfu TownCentre

    Corfu Vespa

    Tours & Rentals

    Ioanni Theotoki 67

    Apartments / B&BCorfu TownCentre

    The River House

    Metaxas Area - Potamos, 6972870990
    Corfu TownCentre

    Ionian Cruises

    Ethnikis Antistaseos 4, 26610 38690 // 31649 // 25155
    Corfu TownCentre

    Corfu Extreme Sports

    corfuextremesports.com, 6944056356
    Corfu TownCentre


    Ethnikis Antistaseos 36 (Emporiko), 2661036497
    Corfu TownCentre


    Ethniki Palaiokastritsas 31, 6946008343
    Corfu TownCentre

    Corfu Lawn Tennis Club

    Ioannou Romanou 4, 2661037021
    Corfu TownCentre

    The Tandoori Bites

    Ethnikis Antistaseos 14, 2661034447

    Indian Restaurant

    Corfu TownCentre

    Patounis’ Olive Soap

    Ioannou Theotoki 9, 2661039806
    Corfu TownCentre

    Wok Spot

    Stamatiou Dessyla 23, 2661024701
    Corfu TownCentre

    Panini Lab

    Mitropolitou Methodiou 9, 2661400897
    Corfu TownCentre


    Lochagou Spiridonos Vlaikou 11, 2661082150
    Taxi & Mini BusCorfu TownCentre

    Corfu Private Tours

    Apartments / B&BCorfu TownCentre

    Casa Al Centro Di Corfù

    Casa Al Centro Di Corfù. The apartment that hosts our most beautiful holiday in the centre of Corfu Town.

    Corfu TownCentre


    Emeral… the confectionery that maintains the highest quality in its creations. Emeral for our snack, dessert, coffee, ice cream every […]

    Corfu TownCentral Corfu

    Vido Island

    Island of Peace, Island of Death and today an island of recreation for locals and visitors

    The little, green, uninhabited Vido island is located opposite the city of Corfu, very close to the old port and […]

    Museums & ExhibitionsCorfu TownCentre

    Corfu Art Gallery

    The first private initiative for studying the visual arts of Corfu island

    A special characteristic of Corfu Art Gallery is that it focuses on the history of Corfiot art, from the 19th […]