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    Garitsa bay

    There is no visitor to the island who is not enchanted by the view of Garitsa. Learn everything you need […]


    Garitsa bay

    The oldest suburb of Corfu town

    There is no visitor to the island who is not enchanted by the view of Garitsa. Learn everything you need […]

    Summer in Corfu

    Discover the Traditional Festivals and Celebrations of Corfu!

    Summer in Corfu is filled with nights of music, endless joy, and dance, creating the unique Corfiot summer experience

    From May to September, the countryside and neighborhoods of Corfu become meeting points for locals and visitors, creating a lively […]

    Corfu TownGaritsa

    Scheria Restaurant at Corfu Palace Hotel

    Untouched classic Corfiot elegance in the heart of town

    There are places in Corfu where the famous allure of the cosmopolitan island remains untouched. The Scheria restaurant at the […]

    Corfu TownCentre

    Aurelia Spa

    The Midas touch to body and spirit

    Indulge in the wellness services of the Aurelia Spa in Corfu town centre or at your place.

    Corfu TownGaritsa

    Nautilus Cafe

    Anemomylos, 2661020033
    Corfu TownGaritsa

    Ανεμόμυλος Cafe Restaurant

    Emmanouil Theotoki, 2661030047
    Corfu TownGaritsa


    Alkiviadou Dari 3-5, 2661037396
    Corfu TownGaritsa


    Alkiviadou Dari 15, 2661037396
    VillasCorfu TownGaritsa


    Garitsa Kyprou 9-11 +30 6985 820 500

    Carpofoli, a renovated mansion building with 4 luxurious suites for your most unique, relaxing stay within walking distance of Corfu […]

    HotelsCorfu TownGaritsa

    Acanthus Blue Hotel

    Acanthus Blue Hotel is a boutique hotel, built in the 1700’s, in an elegant and impressive neoclassical style.

    Corfu TownGaritsa

    Gialos Coffee Bar

    Gialos Coffee Bar 0ur favourite hangout in the verdant bay of Garitsa!

    SightseeingCorfu TownGaritsa

    The Douglas column

    The monument, called “the Douglas’ column” by the Corfiots, dedicated to Howard Douglas, Lord High Commissioner of Corfu and the […]

    SightseeingCorfu TownGaritsa


    The history of the windmill located near Garitsa bay

    The windmill, which once served the needs of the inhabitants for grain, today adorns the homonymous area at the bay […]