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    Old Town

    Summer in Corfu

    Discover the Traditional Festivals and Celebrations of Corfu!

    Summer in Corfu is filled with nights of music, endless joy, and dance, creating the unique Corfiot summer experience

    From May to September, the countryside and neighborhoods of Corfu become meeting points for locals and visitors, creating a lively […]

    Winter in CorfuCorfu Town

    Corfu at Christmas

    Events and traditions

    Christmas is a very beautiful time for Corfu. It contains the sweetness of the past, lots of sparkle and liveliness, […]

    8 + 1 Accommodations for Winter Holidays in Corfu

    So, how is the island of the Phaeacians in winter?

    Corfu loves winter, and winter, in turn, adores it.

    Corfu TownGaritsa

    Scheria Restaurant at Corfu Palace Hotel

    Untouched classic Corfiot elegance in the heart of town

    There are places in Corfu where the famous allure of the cosmopolitan island remains untouched. The Scheria restaurant at the […]

    Corfu TownCentre

    Aurelia Spa

    The Midas touch to body and spirit

    Indulge in the wellness services of the Aurelia Spa in Corfu town centre or at your place.

    EntertainmentOld Town

    7 cozy cafés for a special winter afternoon

    Aromas, welcoming atmosphere and a friendly environment, these are the 7 best cozy cafes for a special winter afternoon in […]

    ParkingCorfu TownOld TownOld Harbour

    Parking Spilia



    ParkingCorfu TownThe Whole CityOld Town

    Parking Pano Plateia – Spianada


    Small fee.

    Museums & ExhibitionsCorfu TownOld Town

    Casa Parlante

    The Living History Museum

    Casa Parlante Opening Hours: Monday – Sunday 10:00 – 18:00


    Holidays in Corfu during winter

    Experience the beauty of both the city and the countryside during winter

    Sometimes people think that summer destinations in winter are “sleeping” and that residents are just waiting for the next summer […]

    ShoppingCorfu TownOld Town

    Muses Corfu

    Inspirational Greek Concept Store

    Theotoki Michail 22, 2661030708

    Taxi & Mini BusCorfu TownCentre

    Taxi Tours Corfu

    Taxi Tours Corfu gives you the opportunity to explore Corfu from side to side.

    Corfu TownOld Town


    Maniarizi Arlioti 13, 6948322368
    Corfu TownOld Town

    A Sante

    1st Street Nikiforou Theotoki, 6932429243
    Corfu TownOld Town


    Eugeniou Voulgareos 85, 2661028300
    Corfu TownOld Town


    1st Parodos Agiou Spyridona 3 3, 2661033740
    Corfu TownOld Town


    Faliraki, 6981066374
    Corfu TownOld Town


    Faliraki, 2661100340
    Corfu TownOld Town


    Kapodistriou 34, 2661020250
    Corfu TownOld Town


    Kapodistriou 52, 2661081241
    Corfu TownOld Town

    Liston Gastrotheque

    Liston, 2661045528
    Corfu TownOld Town


    Liston, 2661027275
    Corfu TownOld Town


    Kapodistriou 60, 6944779444
    Corfu TownOld Town

    Pomo d’ Oro Corfu

    Skaramagka 13, 2661028680
    Corfu TownOld Town


    Montsenigou 3, 2661037107
    Corfu TownOld Town

    Arcadion Bistrot

    Kapodistriou 44, Liston, 2661037670
    Corfu TownOld Town

    Mikro Cafe

    Themistokleous Kotardou 42, 2661031009
    Corfu TownOld Town


    Eugeniou Voulgareos 49, 6936660101
    Corfu TownOld Town

    Chin Chin

    Evangelistrias 20, 2661025050
    Corfu TownOld Town

    Arkadion Wine Bar

    Vlassopoulou 2 & Kapodistriou, 2661037670
    Corfu TownOld Town

    Cavalieri Roof Garden

    Kapodistriou 4, 2661039041
    Corfu TownMarina GouvionMessonghi

    Hellenic Cricket Federation

    2661036560, contact@cricket.gr


    Corfu TownOld Town

    Dell’ Acque

    Ευγενίου Βουλγάρεως 42, 2661034300
    Corfu Town

    Corfu Walking Tours

    Pagkrateika, 6932894466

    Email: info@corfuwalkingtours.com Website: https://corfuwalkingtours.com/

    Apartments / B&BCorfu TownOld TownKampielo

    Casa Verde

    Casa Verde… A beautiful mansion just a few minutes from the most central parts of Corfu Old town at the […]

    Apartments / B&BCorfu TownOld Town

    Liston Suites


    Liston Suites comfort and luxury with the feeling of homely hospitality in the center of the old town of Corfu. […]

    Corfu TownOld Town



    Four pine cones, Italian influences and customs in the picturesque area of ​​Pinia, where the Mastella Custom takes place every […]

    SightseeingCorfu TownOld Town


    The beautiful municipal garden with the unique view

    Another oasis of the historic centre located between the northern moat of the Old Fortress and the square of Spianada.

    Corfu TownOld Town

    Kofineta square

    The beautiful Kofineta Square, connects the most important sights of the old town of Corfu.

    SightseeingCorfu TownOld Town

    The Garden of the People

    Walks in the footsteps of the nobles with many refined details. A verdant small park, situated next to the Palace […]

    Corfu TownOld Town

    Porta Remounda

    The area of ​​Porta Remounda used to be the one of the four gates that served as an entrance to […]

    Corfu TownOld Town

    Limoncello Pizza Pasta Aperitivo

    An Italian Gem in Kofinita Square

    Limoncello Pizza Pasta Aperitivo exudes aromas of Italy… Situated in the most elegant location, in the heart of the Old […]

    SightseeingCorfu TownOld Town


    The impressive square of 42,000 sq.m, is undoubtedly the heart of the city!

    One of the most famous and popular sights of Corfu. The largest square in Greece and Balkans that any visitor […]

    Corfu TownOld TownOld Harbour

    La Tabernita Mexicana

    The most exciting gastronomic trip to Mexico from the island of Corfu.

    Open Daily from 18:30 pm to 12 am If you are looking for an escape from the ordinary, all you […]

    Corfu TownOld Town

    Papagiorgis Confectionery

    A patisserie with tradition and perfection!

    Opening Hours: Daily from 9:00 to 24:00

    Corfu TownOld Town

    Corfu Sailing Club Restaurant

    Set sails for your most dreamy tasty trip

    Open Daily from 10 pm to 12 am  Its idyllic location is unique and curated by the Venetians who created […]

    Corfu TownOld Town


    Distillery & Artisan Sweets

    Ag. Vasileiou 34, 2661041102

    Corfu TownOld Town

    Rex Restaurant

    The historical identity of Corfu gastronomy in the most famous canton of the city

    Open Daily from 12 pm to 12 am Where the romantic walks in the alleys of the old town of […]

    Museums & ExhibitionsCorfu TownOld Town

    The Palace of Saint Michael and Saint George

    Corfu Museum of Asian Art

    The Palace of Saint Michael and Saint George houses the Corfu Museum of Asian Art, the only one of its […]

    Monasteries & ChurchesCorfu TownOld Town

    Saint Spyridon

    The patron saint of the island of Corfu and a reference point of religious tourism

    The canton of “Agios” is located in the centre of the Old Town of the island and the visitor can […]

    SightseeingCorfu TownOld Town


    Walking through the history of Corfu

    The characteristic arches, one of the most important sights of Greece… Read all that you need to know about Liston.

    Monasteries & ChurchesCorfu TownOld Town

    The Church of Agios Georgios

    The impressive church in the Old Fortress of Corfu

    The impressive church of Agios Georgios, built in 1840 inside the Old Fortress, to serve the English soldiers who were […]

    SightseeingCorfu TownOld TownKampielo

    Kremasti Square

    The Venetian Well and the majestic Church

    Surrounded by the enchanting alleys of Corfu, Kremastis Square is a place where you will want to lose yourself in […]

    Rent a BoatCorfu TownCentre

    Shine Charters

    Shine Charters provides the highest quality integrated holiday services with the most beautiful cruises and transfers in the Ionian!

    Fortresses & CastlesCorfu TownOld TownOld Harbour

    New Fortress

    The masterpiece of fortification art

    The New Fortress or Fortress of Agios Markos is today considered the most well-preserved fortress complex in Greece.

    Fortresses & CastlesCorfu TownOld Town

    Old Fortress

    The most imposing monument in Corfu

    Built on a rocky peninsula with two characteristic hills (Corifes), Old Fortress is positioned at the eastern end of the […]

    BeachesCorfu TownOld Town


    Swimming with a view of the Old Fortress

    Located below Old Corfu Town, Faliraki has one of the loveliest views of the Old Fortress.

    Rent a CarCorfu TownOld Town

    TP Rentals

    Enjoy your dream holiday with TP Rentals’ safe and reliable hire vehicles!