A great passion of Dr. Kavvadia, an orthopedic surgeon who lived on the island of Corfu, was to cultivate and produce oil from his olive groves. He was convinced that with proper care, his trees would produce fruit, the oil of which had healing properties. He therefore treated his trees with respect, using only natural methods of cultivation.

Dr Kavadias, the Farm today

The Doctor’s work is continued today by his grandson, Apostolos, who has stayed true to the values set by his grandfather. By developing an agricultural system that is sustainable and self – sufficient – described as permaculture and sustainable agriculture – and by combining this with modern techniques, he has ensured the health of the trees and the ecosystem, thereby producing top quality, award-winning olive oil, rich in antioxidants, with excellent organoleptic qualities and great taste.

The Olive Oil

Derived from olives belonging to the Lianolia and Thiako varieties from Corfu and Kefalonia respectively, the oil, apart from its high content of antioxidants, has a special taste, with each cultivar giving its olive oil interesting and unique flavours that are not found in conventional olive oils.

More specifically, the Lianolia species, which thrives on the island of Corfu, produces oil that is medium intensity with acute bitter, spicy and complex fruitiness. Flavours that come to the fore are in perfect balance and possess the rich sensory profile of almond, herbs, freshly cut grass, artichoke and red pepper.

The Thiako variety, originating from Kefalonia and Ithaca, is a rare variety whose oil has an intense fruity flavour with mild bitter and spicy notes, which have the sensory profile of chamomile, almond, green apple, freshly cut grass and herbs.

The Farm

At Dr. Kavvadias’ farm, taking part in the guided tour and olive oil tasting will afford one the opportunity to get to know the oil produced from this exceptional olive grove. Apart from this, one will have the chance to gain knowledge about the agricultural activities of the farm, which contribute to the creation and production of this exclusive oil. Simultaneously, one can harmonize with nature and learn about old traditions that are still practiced today that maintain the health of the ecosystem.


If you simply wish to relax and enjoy nature, Dr Kavvadias’ farm offers you this possibility as well. Two buildings, the Olive Warehouse and Daphne Barn, previously an integral part of the farm’s operation, have been converted into guest accommodation, having being modernized and fully furnished. The accommodation combines modern minimalism with tradition décor which is in keeping with the style of the farm.

Your stay at the farm means that you will be able to enjoy fresh olive oil, freshly picked garden vegetables and fresh eggs on a daily basis. Make sure you’re not confined to the accommodation’s kitchen though, as you have the option to utilize the outside BBQ area, with has a wood-fired oven and all the creature comforts of a kitchen.

Enjoy your choice of food at your table, with the finest ingredients selected from the garden of Dr. Kavvadias Farm, a ‘Farm to Table’ experience.

Don’t forget to give the farm kittens tidbits, as they will accompany you throughout your stay!

By staying at the farm, you are choosing to reside in nature, and interact at any time, in a fully productive space, which is full of life and positive energy. Discover the importance of composting, in a living, ecological environment where nothing goes to waste.

Seminars and Events

At Dr. Kavvadias’ farm you can participate in seminars and events organised on site. Tasting seminars allow you to enjoy local products, combine them with unique ingredients and experience the distinctive flavours and rich aromas while enjoying the barbecue area, along with other guests.



Dr. Kavvadias’ Multi-Award Winning Oil

Before you leave the farm, don’t forget to stop in at the old oil mill area, where you can purchase Dr. Kavvadias’ world-renowned oil, which is also the choice of Corfu’s best restaurants, such as Pomo D’Oro and Etrusco.

Live the ultimate experience of oil creation at Dr. Kavvadias Farm.

Contact details:

Website: https://www.drkavvadia.com/

Tel: 694 468 3599

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/drkavvadia/

Text Composing: Ioannis Giaslakiotis
Translation - Text Editor: Adelia Cook
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