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    Exhibitions & Events

    Book Presentation “The Answer of the Magic Mirror” at PLOUS


    Oct 2023
    Plous Books & Coffee, Corfu See the Map

    Book Presentation “The Answer of the Magic Mirror” at PLOUS On Monday, October 23rd, at 19:00

    CORFU. A book presentation with the title “The Answer of the Magic Mirror” by Kalliope Anthi will take place on Monday, October 23rd, at 19:00 at the café of the PLOUS Bookstore. She will speak about the representations of systems through fairy tales and the hidden life of fairy tales… within us.

    “…If I met you in a bookstore with my book in hand and you asked me why one should read it, I would say that ‘The Answer of the Magic Mirror’ has many answers to give you and just as many questions… You are holding a book that will take you on a journey to familiar and unfamiliar fairytale lands. It will give birth to ideas and awaken memories. Images from old, worn, and beloved books. It will offer you emotion, understanding, and relief. It will help unexpected solutions, unexpected realizations, and new questions to arise. For those who enjoy reading psychoanalytic studies of fairy tales and myths, here you will learn how to experience the psychological processes described symbolically in fairy tales directly. You will learn about the systemic representations of fairy tales, which transform theory into an experience tailored to us. For those who already have an inner perception of the world and seek deeper meaning, leaf through the book carefully because from its pages, many messages intended for you will emerge! In addition, psychotherapists and educators who work with fairy tales will find ideas and suggestions for their important work. Also, parents will have the opportunity to lift the veil of mystery, to understand why a child asks for a specific fairy tale repeatedly and for an extended period. You will see fairy tales from a different perspective and understand why it is so important to tell them to your children. You will taste the essence of fairy tales and the way they affect our souls. Fairy tales help children grow and adults mature. And their therapeutic role is undeniable…” (Kalliope Anthi, from the presentation on the back cover of the book)



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